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 tithi [ tithi ]

mf. ( Siddh. ṣtry. 25 ) a lunar day ( 30th part of a whole lunation of rather more than 27 solar days. 15 Tithis, during the moon's increase, constitute the light half of the month and the other 15 the dark half. the auspicious Tithis are Nandā, Bhadrā, Vijayā, Pūrṇā, VarBṛS. ic, 2 ) Gobh. i f. ŚāṅkhGṛ. Mn. etc.

the number 15, VarBṛS. VarBṛ. Laghuj. Sūryas

cf. janma-, dus-, mahā-.

tithi-kṣaya [ tithikSaya ]

m. = try-aha-sparśa, W.

the day of new moon, W.

pl. = -pralaya, W.

tithi-tattva [ tithitattva ]

n. N. of Smṛtit. vii ( commented on by Kāśi-rāma ).

tithi-dāna [ tithidAna ]

n. N. of BhavP. ii, 154.

tithi-devatā [ tithidevatA ]

f. the deity of a lunar day, MānGṛ. i, 10, ii, 2.

tithi-dvaita [ tithidvaita ]

n. N. of a ch. of PSarv.

tithi-dvaidha-prakaraṇa [ tithidvaidhaprakaraNa ]

n. N. of work. by Śūla-pāṇi.

tithi-niyama [ tithiniyama ]

m. N. of a ch. of Tantras. i.

tithi-nirṇaya [ tithinirNaya ]

m. ' disquisition on Tithis, ' N. of a work by Ananta-bhaṭṭa.

-saṃkṣepa, -saṃgraha, -sāra m. other works on astron.

tithi-pati [ tithipati ]

m. the regent of a lunar day, VarBṛS. ic, 1 f.

tithi-pattrī [ tithipattrI ]

f. an almanack, W.

tithi-pālana [ tithipAlana ]

n. observance of the rites appointed for the several lunar days, W.

tithi-prakaraṇa [ tithiprakaraNa ]

n. N. of a ch. of -sāraṇikā

of Śrī-pati's Jyotisha-ratna-mālā.

tithi-praṇī [ tithipraNI ]

f. ' Tithi-leader, ' the moon, L.

tithi-pralaya [ tithipralaya ]

m. pl. difference between solar and lunar days in any particular period, Āryabh. iii, 6.

tithi-vāra-yoga [ tithivArayoga ]

m. pl. N. of a ch. of PSarv.

tithi-viveka [ tithiviveka ]

m. N. of a work. Smṛtit.

tithi-sāraṇikā [ tithisAraNikA ]

f. N. of a work. by Daśa-bala.

tithîśa [ tithIza ]

m. = °thi-pati.