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 ud-ayá [ udaya ]

as, m. going up, rising

swelling up, R.

rising, rise ( of the sun etc. ), coming up ( of a cloud ), ŚBr. KātyŚr. Mn. Śak. etc.

the eastern mountain ( behind which the sun is supposed to rise ), MBh. Hariv. Kathās. etc.

going out, R.

coming forth, becoming visible, appearance, development

production, creation, RV. viii, 41, 2, R. Ragh. Yājñ. Śak. Kum. etc.

conclusion, result, consequence, MBh. Ragh. Mn.

that which follows

a following word, subsequent sound, Pāṇ. viii, 4, 67, RPrāt. APrāt. etc.

rising, reaching one's aim, elevation

success, prosperity, good fortune, Kathās. Ragh. etc.

profit, advantage, income

revenue, interest, R. Yājñ. Mn. etc.

the first lunar mansion

the orient sine ( i.e. the sine of the point of the ecliptic on the eastern horizon ), Sūryas

N. of several men.

ud-ayá-kara [ udayakara ]

m., N. of an author.

ud-ayá-giri [ udayagiri ]

m. the eastern mountain ( see above ), Hit. VP. etc.

ud-ayá-gupta [ udayagupta ]

m., N. of a man, Rājat.

ud-ayá-jit [ udayajit ]

m., N. of a son of Guṇala, Rājat.

ud-ayá-jyā [ udayajyA ]

f. the orient sine ( see above ), Sūryas.

ud-ayá-taṭa [ udayataTa ]

m. the slope of the eastern mountain ( see udaya ), Ratnāv.

ud-ayá-tuṅga [ udayatuGga ]

m., N. of a king, Kathās.

ud-ayá-dhavala [ udayadhavala ]

m., N. of a king.

ud-ayá-parvata [ udayaparvata ]

m. = -giri above, Hariv. Kathās.

ud-ayá-pura [ udayapura ]

n., N. of the capital of Marwar.

ud-ayá-prastha [ udayaprastha ]

m. the plateau of the eastern mountain.

ud-ayá-prāṇa [ udayaprANa ]

m. pl. a particular measure of time ( reckoned by the number of respirations till the rising of a particular constellation ), Sūryas.

ud-ayá-rāja [ udayarAja ]

m., N. of a man, Rājat.

ud-ayá-rāśi [ udayarAzi ]

m. the constellation in which a planet is seen when on the horizon, VarBṛ. iv, 6.

ud-ayá-rkṣa [ udayarkSa ]

( udaya-ṛ° ), n. id., ib.

the lunar mansion in which a star rises heliacally, VarBṛS. vi, 1.

ud-ayá-vat [ udayavat ]

mfn. risen ( as the moon etc. ), Śiś.

( ), f., N. of a daughter of Udaya-tuṅga, Kathās.

ud-ayá-śaila [ udayazaila ]

m. = -giri above, Kathās.

ud-ayá-siṃha [ udayasiMha ]

m., N. of a king.

udayâcala [ udayAcala ]

m. = -giri above.

udayâdri [ udayAdri ]

m. = -giri above.

udayâditya [ udayAditya ]

m., N. of several men.

udayânta [ udayAnta ]

mfn. ending with sunrise, MBh.

udayântara [ udayAntara ]

n. ( in astron. ) a particular correction for calculating the real time of a planet's rising, SiddhŚir.

udayâśva [ udayAzva ]

m., N. of a grandson of Ajāta-śatru, VP.

udayâsu [ udayAsu ]

m. pl. = -prāṇa above, Sūryas.

udayônmukha [ udayonmukha ]

mf ( ī ) n. about to rise

expecting prosperity, Pañcad.

udayôrvī-bhṛt [ udayorvIbhRt ]

m. = -giri above, Ratnāv.