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 upâs [ upAs ]

1 ( upa- √ 1. as ), P. ( Pot. 1. pl. -syāma ) to be near to or together with ( acc. ) RV. ii, 27, 7

 upâs [ upAs ]

2 ( upa- √ 2. as ), P. -asyati, to throw off, throw or cast down upon, throw under AV. vi, 42, 2 ŚBr. KātyŚr. : Ā. -asyate, to throw ( anything ) under one's self TS. i, 6, 10 , 1 MaitrS. ii, 1, 1.

 upâs [ upAs ]

3 ( upa-√ ās ), Ā. -āste, to sit by the side of, sit near at hand ( in order to honour or wait upon ) AV. ŚBr. ChUp. Mn. etc.

to wait upon, approach respectfully, serve, honour, revere, respect, acknowledge, do homage, worship, be devoted or attached to RV. AV. VS. ŚBr. MBh. etc.

to esteem or regard or consider as, take for AV. VS. ŚBr.

to pay attention to, be intent upon or engaged in, perform, converse or have intercourse with RV. x, 154, 1 AV. MBh. Suśr. etc.

to sit near, be in waiting for, remain in expectation, expect , wait for RV. i, 162, 12 ŚBr. KātyŚr. MBh.

to sit, occupy a place, abide in, reside R. Mn. ii, v

to be present at, partake of ( e.g. a sacrifice ) Mn. iii, 104 MBh. xiv

to approach, go towards, draw near ( e.g. an enemy's town ), arrive at, obtain ŚBr. MBh. Yājñ. Bhaṭṭ.

to enter into any state, undergo, suffer Mn. xi, 183 MBh. iii R.

to remain or continue in any action or situation ( with pres. p. or ind. p. ) ŚBr. R. Bhag. etc.

to employ, use, make subservient Suśr. Sāh