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 upâs [ upAs ]

1. ( upa- √ 1. as ), P. ( Pot. 1. pl. -syāma ) to be near to or together with ( acc. ), RV. ii, 27, 7.

 upâs [ upAs ]

2. ( upa- √ 2. as ), P. -asyati, to throw off, throw or cast down upon, throw under, AV. vi, 42, 2

ŚBr.; KātyŚr. : Ā. -asyate, to throw ( anything ) under one's self, TS. i, 6, 10, 1; MaitrS. ii, 1, 1.

 upâs [ upAs ]

3. ( upa-√ ās ), Ā. -āste, to sit by the side of, sit near at hand ( in order to honour or wait upon ), AV.; ŚBr.; ChUp.; Mn. etc.

to wait upon, approach respectfully, serve, honour, revere, respect, acknowledge, do homage, worship, be devoted or attached to,

RV.; AV.; VS.; ŚBr.; MBh. etc.

to esteem or regard or consider as, take for, AV.; VS.; ŚBr.

to pay attention to, be intent upon or engaged in, perform, converse or have intercourse with

RV. x, 154, 1; AV.; MBh.; Suśr. etc.

to sit near, be in waiting for, remain in expectation, expect, wait for

RV. i, 162, 12; ŚBr.; KātyŚr.; MBh.

to sit, occupy a place, abide in, reside, R.; Mn. ii, v

to be present at, partake of ( e.g. a sacrifice ), Mn. iii, 104; MBh. xiv

to approach, go towards, draw near ( e.g. an enemy's town ), arrive at, obtain, ŚBr.; MBh.; Yājñ.; Bhaṭṭ.

to enter into any state, undergo, suffer, Mn. xi, 183; MBh. iii; R.

to remain or continue in any action or situation ( with pres. p. or ind. p. ), ŚBr.; R.; Bhag. etc.

to employ, use, make subservient, Suśr.; Sāh.