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 upê [ upe ]

1 ( upa-√ i ), P. -eti, to go or come or step near , approach, betake one's self to, arrive at

meet with, turn towards, RV.; AV.; TS.; ŚBr.; MBh.; Śak. etc.

to approach ( any work ), undergo, set about, undertake, perform ( a sacrifice ), devote one's self to

RV. ii, 2, 11; AV. ix , 6, 4; VS.; AitBr.; ŚBr.

to come near to, reach, obtain, enter into any state, fall into

undergo, suffer, RV. iv, 33, 2; ŚBr.; AitBr.; Ragh.; Pañcat.; etc.

to approach sexually, TS. ii, v; Mn. ix, 4

xi, 172; MBh.; Suśr.; Kathās.

to approach a teacher, become a pupil, ŚBr. x, xi; BṛĀrUp.; ChUp.

to occur, be present, make one's appearance, RPrāt. R.

to happen, fall to one's share, befall, incur, RV. i, 167, 1; vii, 84, 3; Hit.; Bhag. etc.

to join ( in singing ), ŚāṅkhŚr.

to regard as, admit, acknowledge, Sāh.; Comm. on Nyāyam.

to comprehend, understand, Sarvad. : Intens. Ā. ( 1. pl. -īmahe ) to implore ( a god ), RV. x, 24, 2.

 upê [ upe ]

2 ( upa-ā-√ i ), P. -eti, to approach, come near or towards, RV.; AV.; ŚBr.

to apply to, implore, RV. viii, 20, 22

( with śaraṇam ) to approach for protection

to approach sexually, MBh.

to reach, obtain, strive to obtain, Bhartṛ.