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vājín [ vAjin ]

mfn. swift, spirited, impetuous, heroic, warlike, RV. etc. ( with ratha, m. a war-chariot, superl. vājín-tama )

strong, manly, procreative, potent, RV. TS. Br.

winged, ( ifc. ) having any thing for wings, BhP.

feathered ( as an arrow ), Hariv.

m. a warrior, hero, man, RV. ( often applied to gods, esp. to Agni, Indra, the Maruts etc. )

the steed of a war-chariot, ib.

a horse, stallion, Mn. MBh. etc.

N. of the number ' seven, ' Gol. ( cf. aśva )

a bridle, L.

a bird, L.

an arrow, L.

Adhatoda Vasika, L.

pl. ' the Coursers, ' a class of divine beings ( prob. the steeds of the gods, but accord. to TBr. Agni, Vāyu and Sūrya ), RV. Br. ŚrS. ( vājināṃ sāma, N. of a Sāman, ĀrshBr. )

the school of Vājasaneya ( so called because the Sun in the shape of a horse revealed to Yājñavalkya partic. Yajus verses called a-yātayāmāni, q.v. ), VP.

( inī ), f. see below.