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vacaná [ vacana ]

mfn. speaking, a speaker, eloquent, RV.

( ifc. ) mentioning, indicating, expressing, meaning, Pāṇ. KātyŚr. Sarvad. ( -tā, f., -tva n. )

being pronounced, RPrat. ( -tva, n. )

n. ( ifc. f. ā ) the act of speaking, utterance, Saṃkhyak.

pronunciation, Pāṇ. Prāt.

statement, declaration, express mention, AitBr. ŚrS. Pāṇ. etc.

speech, sentence, word, Mn. MBh. etc.

( in gram. ) the injunction of a teacher, rule, Kāś.

advice, instruction, direction, order, command, MBh. Kāv. etc. ( °naṃ-√ kṛ or °ne-√ sthā with gen. = to do the bidding of any one, follow a person's advice, obey ; °nena or °nāt, with gen. = in the name of )

sound, voice, APrāt. Megh. Hit.

( in gram. ) number, Pāṇ. Vop. ( cf. eka-, dvi-, bahu-v° )

rumour, L.

dry ginger, L.

vacaná-kara [ vacanakara ]

mf ( ī ) n. making a speech, speaking, W.

doing what one is told, obedient, Pañcat.

m. the author or enunciator of a precept, W.

vacaná-kāra [ vacanakAra ]

mfn. doing what one is commanded, obeying orders, obedient, MBh.

vacaná-kārin [ vacanakArin ]

mfn. doing what one is commanded, obeying orders, obedient, MBh.

vacaná-krama [ vacanakrama ]

m. order of words, discourse, W.

vacaná-gocara [ vacanagocara ]

mfn. forming a subject of conversation, BhP.

vacaná-gaurava [ vacanagaurava ]

n. respect for an order, deference to a command, R.

vacaná-grāhin [ vacanagrAhin ]

mfn. accepting or obeying orders, obedient, submissive, humble, L.

vacaná-paṭu [ vacanapaTu ]

mfn. skilful in speech, eloquent, VarBṛS. Pañcat.

vacaná-bhūṣaṇa [ vacanabhUSaNa ]

n., N. of a work.

vacaná-mālikā [ vacanamAlikA ]

f. N. of a work.

vacaná-mātra [ vacanamAtra ]

n. mere words, assertion unsupported by facts, MW.

vacaná-racanā [ vacanaracanA ]

f. skilful arrangement of speech, eloquence, Pañcat.

vacaná-viruddha [ vacanaviruddha ]

mfn. opposed to a declaration or precept, contrary to a text, W.

vacaná-virodha [ vacanavirodha ]

m. inconsistency of precepts or texts, incongruity, contradiction, ib.

vacaná-vyakti [ vacanavyakti ]

f. distinctness or perspicuity of a text, ib.

vacaná-sata [ vacanasata ]

n. a hundred speeches, repeated speech or declaration, Pañcat.

vacaná-saṃgraha [ vacanasaMgraha ]

m. N. of a work.

vacaná-samuccaya [ vacanasamuccaya ]

m. N. of a work.

vacaná-sampuṭa [ vacanasampuTa ]

m. N. of a work.

vacaná-sahāya [ vacanasahAya ]

m. a companion to converse with, any sociable companion, Pañcat.

vacaná-sārasaṃgraha [ vacanasArasaMgraha ]

m. N. of a work.

vacanânuga [ vacanAnuga ]

mfn. following advice or orders, obedient, submissive, MārkP.

vacanâ`bādha [ vacanAbAdha ]

m. an obstacle to speech, Pāṇ. vi, 2, 21, Sch.

vacanârtha [ vacanArtha ]

m. N. of a work.

vacanâvakṣepa [ vacanAvakSepa ]

m. scornful or abusive speech, Śak. ( in Prākṛt ).

vacanā'-vat [ vacanAvat ]

mfn. ( for °ná-vat ) possessed of speech, eloquent, RV.

vacanôpakrama [ vacanopakrama ]

m. commencement of a speech, exordium, MW.

vacanôpanyāsa [ vacanopanyAsa ]

m. suggestive speech, insinuation, Śak. ( in Prākṛt ).