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várṇa [ varNa ]

m. ( or n. g. ardharcâ`di, prob. fr. √ 1. vṛ, ifc. f. ā ) a covering, cloak, mantle, L.

a cover, lid, Yājñ. iii, 99

outward appearance, exterior, form, figure, shape, colour, RV. etc.

colour of the face, ( esp. ) good colour or complexion, lustre, beauty, Mn. MBh. etc.

colour, tint, dye, pigment ( for painting or writing ), MBh. Kāv. etc.

colour = race, species, kind, sort, character, nature, quality, property ( applied to persons and things ), RV. etc.

class of men, tribe, order, caste ( prob. from contrast of colour between the dark aboriginal tribes and their fair conquerors, in RV. esp. applied to the Āryas and the Dāsas, but more properly applicable to the four principal classes described in Manu's code, viz. Brāhmans, Kshatriyas, Vaiśyas, and Sūdras, the more modern word for ' caste ' being jāti, cf. IW. 210, n. 1 ), ib.

a letter, sound, vowel, syllable, word, Br. Prāt. etc.

a musical sound or note ( also applied to the voice of animals ), MBh. R. Pañcat.

the order or arrangement of a song or poem, W.

praise, commendation, renown, glory, Mṛcch. Kum. Rājat.

( in alg. ) an unknown magnitude or quantity

( in arithm. ) the figure, ' one '

( accord. to some ) a co-efficient

a kind of measure, L. ( cf. -tāla )

gold, L.

a religious observance, L.

one who wards off, expeller, Sāy. on RV. i, 104, 2

( ā ), f. Cajanus Indicus, L.

n. saffron, L. [ Cf., accord. to some, Slav. vran˘u, ' black, ' ' a crow, ' Lith. várnas, ' a crow. ' ]

várṇa-kavi [ varNakavi ]

m. N. of a son of Kubera, L.

várṇa-kūpikā [ varNakUpikA ]

f. any vessel containing colour or paint, an ink-bottle, ink-stand, L.

várṇa-kṛt [ varNakRt ]

mfn. causing or giving colour, Suśr.

várṇa-krama [ varNakrama ]

m. order or succession of colours, KātyŚr. Sch.

order of castes ( eṇa, ind. according to the order of castes ), Prab.

order or series of letters, alphabetical arrangement, alphabet, W.

a partic. krama or method of reciting Vedic texts ( see under krama ), TPrāt.

-darpaṇa m., -lakṣaṇa and -vivaraṇa, n. N. of works.

várṇa-gata [ varNagata ]

mfn. ' gone to colour, ' coloured, described, W.

algebraical, Col.

várṇa-guru [ varNaguru ]

m. ' father or chief of the castes, ' a king, prince, Rājat.

várṇa-grathaṇā [ varNagrathaNA ]

f. a partic. artificial method of writing verses, Vas.

várṇa-ghanasāriṇī [ varNaghanasAriNI ]

f. N. of a work.

várṇa-cāraka [ varNacAraka ]

m. a painter, L.

várṇa-citrita [ varNacitrita ]

mfn. painted with colours, Śak.

várṇa-caura [ varNacaura ]

m. a stealer of colour, L.

várṇa-ja [ varNaja ]

mfn. produced from castes, VarBṛS.

várṇa-jyāyas [ varNajyAyas ]

mfn. higher in caste, Āpast.

várṇa-jyeṣṭha [ varNajyeSTha ]

mf ( ā ) n. highest in caste, Hit. iv, 21 ( v.l. )

m. a Brāhman L.

várṇa-tanu [ varNatanu ]

f. N. of a partic. Mantra addressed to Sarasvatī, Cat.

várṇa-tantra-mālā [ varNatantramAlA ]

f. a grammar or N. of a partic. grammar, Cat.

várṇa-tarṇaka [ varNatarNaka ]

n. or woollen cloth used as a mat, L.

várṇa-tarṇikā [ varNatarNikA ]

f. woollen cloth used as a mat, L.

várṇa-tas [ varNatas ]

ind. by or with or according to colour, etc. RPrāt. AgP.

várṇa-tā [ varNatA ]

f. ( MBh. )the state of colour, colour ( anya-varṇa-tva, the being of another colour )

the state or condition of caste, division into classes

the state or condition of a letter or sound.

várṇa-tva [ varNatva ]

n. ( Suśr. Kull. etc. ) the state of colour, colour ( anya-varṇa-tva, the being of another colour )

the state or condition of caste, division into classes

the state or condition of a letter or sound.

várṇa-tāla [ varNatAla ]

m. N. of a king, Vār., Introd.

( in music ) a kind of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-tūli [ varNatUli ]

f. ' letter-brush, ' a pen, pencil, paint-brush, L.

várṇa-tulikā [ varNatulikA ]

f. ' letter-brush, ' a pen, pencil, paint-brush, L.

várṇa-tulī [ varNatulI ]

f. ' letter-brush, ' a pen, pencil, paint-brush, L.

várṇa-da [ varNada ]

mfn. giving colour, colouring, dyeing, W.

giving tribe, etc., ib.

n. a kind of fragrant yellow wood, L.

várṇa-dātrī [ varNadAtrI ]

f. ' giving colour, ' turmeric, L.

várṇa-dīpikā [ varNadIpikA ]

f. ' letter-explainer, ' N. of a work. on the mystical meaning of letters.

várṇa-dūta [ varNadUta ]

m. ' letter-messenger, ' a letter, epistle, L.

várṇa-dūṣaka [ varNadUSaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. violating or disturbing the distinctions of caste, Mn. x, 61.

várṇa-devatā [ varNadevatA ]

f. the deity presiding over any partic. letter, VPrāt.

várṇa-deśanā [ varNadezanA ]

f. ' instruction in letters, ' N. of a treatise ( by Deva-kīrti on the proper spelling of words with certain cognate consonants, such as ś, , s, j and y, gh and h ), and of some similar works.

várṇa-dvaya-maya [ varNadvayamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting of two syllables, Cat.

várṇa-dharma [ varNadharma ]

m. the partic. duty or occupation of any caste or tribe, Gaut. Mn. etc.

várṇa-nātha [ varNanAtha ]

m. the planetary regent of a caste, Vāstuv.

várṇa-paṭala [ varNapaTala ]

m. or n. ( ? ) N. of a Pariśiṣṭa of the AV.

várṇa-pattra [ varNapattra ]

n. ' colour-leaf, ' a pallet, L.

várṇa-paricaya [ varNaparicaya ]

m. skill in song or music, Śak.

várṇa-paridhvaṃsa [ varNaparidhvaMsa ]

m. ( Sch. ) or ( Āpast. ) loss of caste.

várṇa-paridhvaṃsā [ varNaparidhvaMsA ]

f. ( Āpast. ) loss of caste.

várṇa-pāṭha [ varNapATha ]

m. ' letter-register, ' the alphabet, Pat.

várṇa-pāta [ varNapAta ]

m. the dropping or omission of a letter in pronunciation, MW.

várṇa-pātra [ varNapAtra ]

n. ' colour-vessel or receptacle, ' a paint-box, L.

várṇa-puṣpa [ varNapuSpa ]

n. the blossom of globe-amaranth, L.

( ī ), f. Echinops Echinatus, L.

várṇa-puṣpaka [ varNapuSpaka ]

m. globe-amaranth, L.

várṇa-prakarṣa [ varNaprakarSa ]

m. excellence or beauty of colour, MW.

várṇa-prakāśa [ varNaprakAza ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-prabodha [ varNaprabodha ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-prasādana [ varNaprasAdana ]

n. aloe wood, Agallochum, L.

várṇa-buddhi [ varNabuddhi ]

f. the idea or notion connected with partic. letters or sounds, Sarvad.

várṇa-bhinna [ varNabhinna ]

m. ( in music ) two kinds of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-bhīru [ varNabhIru ]

m. ( in music ) two kinds of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-bheda-vidhi [ varNabhedavidhi ]

m. method of letter-division, N. of a work.

várṇa-bhedinī [ varNabhedinI ]

f. millet, L.

várṇa-bhairava [ varNabhairava ]

m. or n. ( ? ) N. of a work. on the terrible importance of the mystical meaning of letters.

várṇa-mañcikā [ varNamaJcikA ]

f. ( in music ) a kind of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-maya [ varNamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting of colours, MW

consisting of symbolical letters or sounds, Cat.

várṇa-mātṛ [ varNamAtR ]

f. ' letter-mother, ' a pen, pencil etc., L.

várṇa-mātṛkā [ varNamAtRkA ]

f. N. of Sarasvatī, L.

várṇa-mātra [ varNamAtra ]

n. only the colour, nothing but colour, Hit.

( ā ), f. a kind of metre, Sāh.

várṇa-mālā [ varNamAlA ]

f. order or series of letters ( esp. rows of letters written on a board or in a diagram ), the alphabet, L.

praśnagrantha, m. N. of a work.

várṇa-yati [ varNayati ]

f. ( in music ) a kind of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-ratna-dīpikā [ varNaratnadIpikA ]

f. N. of a work.

várṇa-rāśi [ varNarAzi ]

m. ' multitude or series of letters, ' the alphabet, RPrāt., Introd. Sarvad.

várṇa-rekhā [ varNarekhA ]

f. chalk or a white substance often confounded with chalk, L.

várṇa-līla [ varNalIla ]

m. ( in music ) a kind of measure, Saṃgīt.

várṇa-lekhā [ varNalekhA ]

f. -rekkā, L.

várṇa-lekhikā [ varNalekhikA ]

f. -rekkā, L.

várṇa-vat [ varNavat ]

mfn. having colour etc., MW.

( -vatī ), f. turmeric, L.

várṇa-varti [ varNavarti ]

f. a writing-pen, pencil etc., L.

várṇa-vartikā [ varNavartikA ]

f. a writing-pen, pencil etc., L.

várṇa-vādin [ varNavAdin ]

m. a speaker of praise, panegyrist, L.

várṇa-vikriyā [ varNavikriyA ]

f. enmity against the castes, Ragh.

várṇa-viparyaya [ varNaviparyaya ]

m. the change or substitution of one letter for another, MW.

várṇa-vilāsa [ varNavilAsa ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-vilāsinī [ varNavilAsinI ]

f. turmeric, L.

várṇa-viloḍaka [ varNaviloDaka ]

m. a plagiarist, L.

a house-breaker, L.

várṇa-viveka [ varNaviveka ]

m. distinction of sounds, N. of a treatise on the different spelling of nouns.

várṇa-vṛtta [ varNavRtta ]

n. N. of a class of metres regulated by the number of syllables in the half-line ( such as the Anushṭubh, Indra- vajrā etc. cf mātrā-vṛtta ), Col.

várṇa-vaikṛta [ varNavaikRta ]

n. degeneracy of caste, Cat.

várṇa-vyatikrāntā [ varNavyatikrAntA ]

f. a woman that has transgressed by intercourse with a man of lower caste, Āpast.

várṇa-vyavasthā [ varNavyavasthA ]

( Siṉhâ`s. ).

várṇa-vyavasthiti [ varNavyavasthiti ]

( Gol. ), f. caste-system, institution of caste.

várṇa-śāsana [ varNazAsana ]

n. N. of a work.

várṇa-śreṣṭha [ varNazreSTha ]

mfn. belonging to the best of tribes, W.

m. a Brahman or member of the highest caste, R.

várṇa-saṃyoga [ varNasaMyoga ]

m. ' union of tribe or caste, ' matrimonial connection or marriage between persons of the same caste, MārkP.

várṇa-saṃsarga [ varNasaMsarga ]

m. mixture or confusion of castes, matrimonial connection or marriage with members of other castes, Mn. viii, 172.

várṇa-saṃhāra [ varNasaMhAra ]

m. an assemblage or mixture of different castes, an assembly in which all the four tribes are represented, Bhar. Daśar. Sāh.

várṇa-saṃhitā [ varNasaMhitA ]

f. a kind of Saṃhitā ( q.v. ), Prāt.

várṇa-saṃkara [ varNasaMkara ]

m. mixture or blending of colours, MBh.

mixture or confusion of castes through intermarriage, Mn. MBh.

( -tā ), f. a tribe of different origin, a man descended from a father and mother of different castes, W.

-jāti-mālā, f. N. of a work. on mixed castes

°rika, mfn. one who causes confusion of castes by intermarriage, MBh.

várṇa-saṃghāṭa [ varNasaMghATa ]

( Pat. ), m. ' assemblage or aggregate of letters, ' the alphabet.

várṇa-saṃghāta [ varNasaMghAta ]

( Pat. ), m. ' assemblage or aggregate of letters, ' the alphabet.

várṇa-samāmnāya [ varNasamAmnAya ]

( VPrāt. etc. ), m. ' assemblage or aggregate of letters, ' the alphabet.

várṇa-sāra-bhūta-varṇa-krama [ varNasArabhUtavarNakrama ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-sāra-maṇi [ varNasAramaNi ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-sūtra [ varNasUtra ]

m. N. of a work.

várṇa-sthāna [ varNasthAna ]

n. the place or organ of utterance of any sound or letter ( eight in number, as ' the throat ' etc., see under sthāna ), Ragh.

várṇa-hīna [ varNahIna ]

mfn. deprived of caste, out-caste, W.

varṇâ`gama [ varNAgama ]

m. the addition of a letter to a word, MW.

varṇâṅkā [ varNAGkA ]

f. ' letter-maker, ' a pen, L.

varṇâ`tman [ varNAtman ]

m. ' consisting of sounds or letters, ' a word, L.

°tmaka, mfn. having articulate sound, Tarkas.

varṇâdhipa [ varNAdhipa ]

m. ' caste-lord, ' a planet presiding over a class or caste, L.

varṇânuprāsa [ varNAnuprAsa ]

m. alliteration, paronomasia, Vām.

varṇântara [ varNAntara ]

n. another caste, Āpast. ( -gamana, n. the passing into another caste, Gaut. )

another letter, change of sound, Jaim.

varṇâyatva [ varNAyatva ]

n. change of complexion or colour, Sāh.

varṇâpasada [ varNApasada ]

m. one who is excluded from caste, an out-caste, W.

varṇâpêta [ varNApeta ]

mfn. = varṇa-hīna, Mn. x, 57.

varṇâbhidhāna [ varNAbhidhAna ]

n. N. of a glossary of monosyllables by Nandana Bhaṭṭa.

varṇârha [ varNArha ]

m. a sort of bean, Phaseolus Mungo, L.

varṇâvara [ varNAvara ]

mfn. inferior in caste, Mālav.

varṇâ`śrama [ varNAzrama ]

n. caste and order, class and stage of life ( see āśrama ), Śak.

-guru, m. ' chief of caste and order, ' N. of Śiva, L.

-dharma, m. the duties of caste and order, W.

N. of a work. ( also °madīpa, m. )

°śrama-vat or °śramin, mfn. possessed of caste and order, BhP.

varṇê`śvarī [ varNezvarI ]

f. N. of a goddess, Cat.

varṇôdaka [ varNodaka ]

n. coloured water, Ragh.

varṇôdaya [ varNodaya ]

m. N. of a work.

varṇôddhṛti [ varNoddhRti ]

f. N. of a work.

varṇôpaniṣad [ varNopaniSad ]

f. N. of an Upanishad.

varnôpêta [ varnopeta ]

mfn. having tribe or caste, W.