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vardhamāna [ vardhamAna ]

mfn. increasing, growing, thriving, prosperous, RV. etc.

m. Ricinus Communis ( so called sweet citron, L. ( also ā f. )

a partic. way of joining the hands, Cat.

a partic. attitude in dancing, Saṃgīt.

a kind of riddle or charade, L.

N. of Viṣṇu, L.

of a mountain and district ( also of its town, now called Bardwān or Burdwān ), VarBṛS. Pur.

of a Grāma, Rājat.

of various authors and other men, Cat.

of the last of the 24 Arhats or Jinas, Jain.

of the elephant who supports the eastern quarter, L.

( pl. ) of a people, MārkP.

m. or n. a kind of mystical figure or diagram, VarBṛS. Lalit.

a dish or platter of a partic. shape ( sometimes used as a lid or cover for water-jars etc. ), MBh. Suśr.

a house having no entrance on the south side, VarBṛS. MatsyaP.

( ā ), f. a species of Gāyatrī metre, RPrāt.

N. of the town of Bardwān, Vet.,.

( ī ), f. N. of a Comm. written by Vardhamāna

n. = vardhamānapura, Kathās. Pañcat

a kind of metre, Col.

vardhamāna-dvāra [ vardhamAnadvAra ]

n. ' gate leading to Vardhamāna, ' N. of a gate in Hastināpura, MBh.

vardhamāna-pura [ vardhamAnapura ]

n. the town of Bardwān, ib., Kathās. Pañcat.

-dvāra, n. the gate leading to the town of Bardwān, MBh.

vardhamāna-purīya [ vardhamAnapurIya ]

mfn. coming from or born in Vardhamāna-pura, Kathās.

vardhamāna-pūraṇa [ vardhamAnapUraNa ]

n. N. of a work.

vardhamāna-prakriyā [ vardhamAnaprakriyA ]

f. N. of a work.

vardhamāna-prayoga [ vardhamAnaprayoga ]

m. N. of a work.

vardhamāna-mati [ vardhamAnamati ]

m. N. of a Bodhi-sattva, Buddh.

vardhamāna-miśra [ vardhamAnamizra ]

m. N. of a grammarian, L.

vardhamāna-svāmin [ vardhamAnasvAmin ]

m. N. of a Jina, L.

vardhamānêndu [ vardhamAnendu ]

m. N. of a Comm. on the Vardhamānī.

vardhamānê`śa [ vardhamAneza ]

m. N. of a partic. temple or an image, Rājat.