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m. N. of a king of Kosala, MBh.   
m. N. of a king of Kosala, MBh.   
( with [[rauhidazva |''rauhidaśva'']] ) N. of the author of RV. x, 179, 3.   
( with [[rauhidazva |''Rauhidaśva'']] ) N. of the author of RV. x, 179, 3.   

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vásu [ vasu ]

1. mf ( u or ) n. ( for 2. see p. 932, col. 3 ) excellent, good, beneficent, RV. GṛŚrS.

sweet, L.

dry, L.

N. of the gods ( as the ' good or bright ones, ' esp. of the Ādityas, Maruts, Aśvins, Indra, Ushas, Rudra, Vāyu, Viṣṇu, Śiva, and Kubera ), RV. AV. MBh. R.

of a partic. class of gods ( whose number is usually eight, and whose chief is Indra, later Agni and Viṣṇu, they form one of the nine Gaṇas or classes enumerated under Gaṇa-devatā, q.v., the eight Vasus were originally personifications, like other Vedic deities, of natural phenomena, and are usually mentioned with the other Gaṇas common in the Veda, viz. the eleven Rudras and the twelve Ādiyas, constituting with them and with Dyaus, ' Heaven, ' and Pṛthivī, ' Earth ' [ or, according to some, with Indra and Prajā-pati, or, according to others, with the two Aśvins ], the thirty-three gods to which reference is frequently made, the names of the Vasus, according to the Viṣṇu-Purāṇa, are, 1. Āpa [ connected with ap, ' water ' ], 2. Dhruva, ' the Pole-star, ' 3. Soma, ' the Moon, ' 4. Dhava or Dhara, 5. Anila, ' Wind, ' 6. Anala or Pāvaka, ' Fire, ' 7. Pratyusha, ' the Dawn, ' 8. Prabhāsa, ' Light, ' but their names are variously given. Ahan, ' Day, ' being sometimes substituted for 1, in their relationship to Fire and Light they appear to belong to Vedic rather than Purānic mythology ), RV. etc.

a symbolical N. of the number ' eight, ' VarBṛS.

a ray of light, Naigh. i, 15

a partic. ray of light, VP.

= jina, Śīl. ( only L. the sun, the moon, fire, a rope, thong, a tree. N. of two kinds of plant = baka and pīta-madgu, a lake, pond, a kind of fish, the tie of the yoke of a plough, the distance from the elbow to the closed fist )

N. of a Rishi ( with the patr. Bharad-vāja, author of RV. ix, 80-82, reckoned among the seven sages ), Hariv.

of a son of Manu, ib.

of a son of Uttāna-pāda, ib.

of a prince of the Cedis also called Upari-cara, MBh.

of a son of Īlina, ib.

of a son of Kuśa and the country called after him, RV.

of a son of Vasu-deva, BhP.

of a son of Kṛṣṇa, ib.

of a son of Vatsara, ib.

of a son of Hiraṇya-retas and the Varsha ruled by him, ib.

of a son of Bhūtajyotis, ib.

of a son of Naraka, ib.

of a king of Kaśmīra, Cat.

( u ), f. light, radiance, L.

a partic. drug, L.

N. of a daughter of Daksha and mother of the Vasus ( as a class of gods ), Hariv. VP.

( ), f. night, Naigh. i, 7

n. ( in Veda gen. vásos, vásvas and vásunas, also pl., exceptionally m. ) wealth, goods, riches, property, RV. etc.

( vasoṣ-pati, m. prob. ' the god of wealth or property, ' AV. i, 12 [ Paipp. asoṣ-p°, ' the god of life ' ], vásor-dhā'rā, f. ' stream of wealth, ' N. of a partic. libation of Ghṛta at the Agni-cayana, AV. TS. Br. etc., of the wife of Agni, BhP., of the heavenly Gaṅgā, MBh., of a sacred bathing-place, ib., of a kind of vessel, ib., °rā-prayoga, m. N. of a work. )

gold ( see -varma-dhara )

a jewel, gem, pearl ( see -mekhala )

any valuable or precious object, L.

( also f. ) a partic. drug, L.

a kind of salt ( = romaka ), L.

water, L.

a horse ( ? ), L.

= śyāma, L.

vásu-karṇa [ vasukarNa ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi with the patr. Vāsukra ( author of RV. x, 65, 66 ).

vásu-kalpa [ vasukalpa ]

m. N. of poets, Sadukt.

vásu-kalpa-datta [ vasukalpadatta ]

m. N. of poets, Sadukt.

vásu-kīṭa [ vasukITa ]

m. ' money-worm, ' a suppliant, beggar, L.

vásu-kṛt [ vasukRt ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi with the patr. Vāsukra ( author of RV. x, 20-26 ).

vásu-kṛmi [ vasukRmi ]

m. = -kīṭa above, MW.

vásu-kra [ vasukra ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi with the patr. Aindra ( author of RV. x , 27, 29 and part of 28 )

of another Ṛṣi with the patr. Vāsiṣtha ( author of RV. ix, 97, 28-30 )

( with prefix śrī ) of a grammarian, Gaṇar.

-patnī, f. N. of the authoress of RV. x, 28, 1.

vásu-gupta [ vasugupta ]

m. N. of an author, Sarvad.

vásu-guptâ`cārya [ vasuguptAcArya ]

m. N. of an author, Sarvad.

vásu-candra [ vasucandra ]

m. N. of a warrior, MBh.

vásu-carita [ vasucarita ]

n. N. of a Campū.

vásu-cchidrā [ vasucchidrA ]

f. N. of a medicinal plant, Bhpr.

vásu-jít [ vasujit ]

mfn. gaining wealth, AV.

vásu-jyeṣṭha [ vasujyeSTha ]

m. N. of a king, VP.

vásu-tā [ vasutA ]

( vasú- ), f. wealth, riches ( or ) liberality, RV.

vásu-tāti [ vasutAti ]

( vasú- ), f. wealth, riches ( or ) liberality, RV.

vásu-tti [ vasutti ]

( vásu- ), f. ( for -datti ; cf. bhaga-tti, maghatti ) the granting of wealth, enrichment, RV.

vásu-tvá [ vasutva ]

n. wealth, riches, RV.

vásu-tvaná [ vasutvana ]

n. wealth, riches, RV.

vásu-da [ vasuda ]

mf ( ā ) n. granting wealth or treasures, VarBṛS.

m. N. of Kubera, Hariv.

( ā ), f. the earth, MBh.

N. of a goddess, Cat.

pf. one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda, MBh.

of a Gandharvī, R.

vásu-datta [ vasudatta ]

m. N. of various men, Pat. Kathās.

( ā ), f. N. of various women ( esp. of the mother of Vara-ruci ), Kathās.

-pura, n. N. of a town, ib.

vásu-dattaka [ vasudattaka ]

m. an endearing form of -datta, L.

vásu-dā' [ vasudA ]

mfn. granting wealth, generous, RV. AV. ( said of the earth ).

vásu-dā'na [ vasudAna ]

mfn. id., AV. ŚBr.

m. N. of various men, MBh. VP.

( prob. ) n. N. of a Varsha called after a Vasu-dāna, BhP.

vásu-dāma [ vasudAma ]

m. N. of a partic. divine being, Pañcar.

( ā ), f. N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda MBh.


vásu-dāman [ vasudAman ]

m. N. of a son of Bṛhad-ratha, Cat.

vásu-dā'van [ vasudAvan ]

mfn. ( also with gen. vásoḥ ) = -dā', RV. TS.

vásu-déya [ vasudeya ]

n. the granting of wealth, liberality, RV. AV.

vásu-deva [ vasudeva ]

m. N. of the father of Kṛṣṇa ( he was the son of Śūra, a descendant of Yadu of the lunar line, and was also called Ānaka-dundubhi, q.v., because at his birth the gods, foreseeing that Viṣṇu would take a human form in his family, sounded the drums of heaven for joy, he was a brother of Kuntī or Pṛthā, the mother of the Pāṇḍu princes, who were thus cousins of Kṛshṇa, see 1. kṛṣṇa ), MBh. Hariv. BhP. etc.

of a king of the Kaṇva dynasty, Pur. Vās., Introd.

of Kṛṣṇa, Pañcar.

of the grandfather of the poet Māgha, Cat.

( also with brahma-prasāda ) of two authors, Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of a daughter of Śva-phalka, VP.

n. the lunar mansion Dhaniṣṭhā, VarBṛS.

-janman, m. N. of Kṛṣṇa, Śiś.

-tā, f. a goddess granting wealth, Hariv. ( cf. vasu-devatā below )

-putra, m. N. of Kṛṣṇa, Kāv.

-brahma-prasāda, m. N. of an author, Cat.

-bhū, m. ' son of Vasu-deva, ' N. of Kṛṣṇa, L.

°vâ`tma-ja, m. id., Pañcar.

vásu-devata [ vasudevata ]

n. ( VarBṛS. ) or ( ā ), f. ( L. ) the lunar mansion Dhaniṣṭhā ( presided over by the Vasus ).

vásu-devyā [ vasudevyA ]

f. id., L.

the 9th day of a fortnight, L.

vásu-daiva [ vasudaiva ]

n. = -devata above, VarBṛS.

vásu-daivata [ vasudaivata ]

n. = -devata above, VarBṛS.

vásu-dhara [ vasudhara ]

m. N. of a poet, Subh.

( ā ), f. ( with Buddhists ) N. of a goddess, Buddh.

vásu-dharman [ vasudharman ]

m. N. of a man, MBh.

vásu-dharmikā [ vasudharmikA ]

f. crystal, L.

vásu-dhā' [ vasudhA ]

mfn. producing wealth, liberal ( -tama, -tara, mfn. more or most liberal ), AV. VS. TS.

( ā ), f. the earth

a country, kingdom, Mn. MBh. Kāv. etc.

the ground, soil, VarBṛS.

earth ( as a material ), R.

N. of Lakṣmī, Viṣṇ.

an anapaest, Piṅg.

-kharjūrikā, f. a kind of date, L.

-gama ( -dh´âg° ), m. the products of the soil, VarBṛS.

-tala, n. the surface of the earth, the earth, Kāv. Kathās.

the ground, soil, VP.

-dhara, mfn. bearing or supporting the earth, ( said of Viṣṇu ), MBh.

m. a mountain, ib., Kāv.

a prince, king, Siṉhâ`s.

-dhava, m. a king, prince, ib.

-dhātri, m. id., Hariv.

-dhipa ( -dh´âdhipa, MBh. Kāv. etc. ) or °pati ( R. Rājat. Inscr. ), m. lord of the earth, a king

-dhipatya ( -dh´âdhip° ), n. kingdom, royalty, Sāntiś. Inscr.

-nagara, n. the capital of Varuṇa in the western ocean, MW.

-nāyaka, m. ' earth-leader, ' a king, Kautukas.

-pati, m. id., Hariv. Kālid.

-paripālaka, m. earth-guardian ( N. of Kṛṣṇa ), Pañcar.

-reṇu, m. earth-dust, MBh. Megh.

-vilāsin, m. a king, prince, Śrīkaṇṭh.

-suta, m. the planet Mars, VarBṛS.

vásu-dhātu-kārikā [ vasudhAtukArikA ]

f. N. of a work.

vásu-dhā'na [ vasudhAna ]

mf ( ī ) n. containing or keeping wealth, AV. ChUp. Nir.

n. granting wealth, Nir. VS. Mahīdh.

vásu-dhāra [ vasudhAra ]

mfn. holding wealth or treasure, Hit.

m. N. of a mountain, MārkP.

( ā ), f. ( with Buddhists ) N. of a goddess, Buddh.

a female Śakti peculiar to the Jainas, MW.

N. of a river, Hariv.

of the capital of Kubera, L.

a stream of wealth, stream of gifts, MBh. Hcar. HPariś.

°rā-maya, mfn. consisting of a stream of wealth, Hcar.

vásu-dhāriṇī [ vasudhAriNI ]

f. ' treasure-holding, ' the earth, MBh.

vásu-dhita [ vasudhita ]

( prob. ) n. possession of wealth, Pāṇ. vii, 4, 45, Sch. ( Ved. )

vásu-dhiti [ vasudhiti ]

( vásu- ), mfn. possessing wealth, bestowing wealth, RV. VS. ŚāṅkhŚr. Nir.

f. the bestowal of wealth or a treasury, RV. iv, 8, 2.

vásu-dhéya [ vasudheya ]

n. ( in a formula ) the bestowal of wealth, ( or ) possession of wealth, VS. Br. ŚāṅkhŚr. Nir.

vásu-nanda [ vasunanda ]

m. N. of a king, Rājat.

vásu-nandaka [ vasunandaka ]

= kheṭaka, L.

vásu-nāga [ vasunAga ]

m. N. of a poet, Subh.

vásu-nīti [ vasunIti ]

( vásu- ), mfn. bringing wealth, AV. xii, 2, 6.

vásu-nītha [ vasunItha ]

mfn. id., VS. xii, 44.

vásu-netra [ vasunetra ]

m. N. of a Brāhman, Buddh.

vásu-nemi [ vasunemi ]

m. N. of a serpent-demon, Kathās.

vásu-ṃ-dhara [ vasuMdhara ]

mfn. containing wealth, Hariv.

m. N. of a poet, ŚārṅgP. Sadukt. etc.

of another man, Kathās.

pl. N. of the Vaiśyas in Śālmaladvīpa, BhP.

of a people, MW.

( ā ), f. see below

°rê`śā, f. ' having the keeper of wealth ( Kṛṣṇa ) for lord, ' N. of Rādhā, Pañcar.

vásu-ṃ-dharā [ vasuMdharA ]

f. the earth

a country, kingdom, NṛsUp. MBh. Kāv. etc.

the soil, the ground ( also °rā-pṛṣṭha n. ), MBh. R. etc.

N. of a minute portion of Prakṛti, Cat.

( with Buddhists ) N. of a goddess, W.

of a daughter of Śva-phalka, Hariv.

of a princess, Daś.

of another woman, Ratnâ`v.

du. N. of the two Kumārīs ( set up with Indra's banner, kumāri ), VarBṛS.

-dhara, m. a mountain, MBh. Bālar.

-dhava, m. a king, prince, Rājat.

-bhṛt, m. a mountain, Vcar.

-śunāsīra, a prince, king, Prasannar. ( w.r. -sunā-s° ).

vásu-pati [ vasupati ]

( vásu- ), m. lord of wealth or of good things ( also with vásūnām, N. of Agni, Indra, Savitṛ and Kubera ), RV. Pañcar.

' lord of the Vasus, ' N. of Kṛṣṇa, Pañcar.

vásu-pátnī [ vasupatnI ]

f. ( said of the cow ) mistress of wealth ( also with vásūnām ), RV. i, 164, 27.

vásu-pātṛ [ vasupAtR ]

mfn. ' protector of the Vasus, ' N. of Kṛṣṇa, Pañcar.

vásu-pāla [ vasupAla ]

m. ' protector of wealth, ' a king, BhP.

vásu-pālita [ vasupAlita ]

m. N. of various men, Daś. HPariś.

vásu-pūjya-rāj [ vasupUjyarAj ]

m. N. of the father of the 12th Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī, Jain.


vásu-prada [ vasuprada ]

mfn. bestowing wealth, Viṣṇ. MBh.

m. N. of one of Skanda's attendants, MBh.

vásu-prabhā [ vasuprabhA ]

f. one of the 7 tongues of fire, L.

N. of Kubera's capital, L.

vásu-prâ`ṇa [ vasuprANa ]

m. ' breath of the Vasus, ' fire, L.

vásu-bandhu [ vasubandhu ]

m. N. of a celebrated Buddhist scholar, Hcar. Buddh. ( w.r. -bandha ).

vásu-bha [ vasubha ]

n. the constellation Dhaniṣṭhā ( presided over by the Vasus ), VarBṛS.

N. of a town, Vīrac.

vásu-bhaṭṭa [ vasubhaTTa ]

m. Aeschynomene or Sesbana Grandiflora, L.

vásu-bharita [ vasubharita ]

mfn. full of treasures, Pañcar.

vásu-bhāga [ vasubhAga ]

m. N. of a poet, Sadukt.

vásu-bhūta [ vasubhUta ]

m. N. of a Gandharva, Cat.

vásu-bhūti [ vasubhUti ]

m. N. of various men, Mn., Kull. Ratnâ`v. Kathās. W.

vásu-bhṛd-yāna [ vasubhRdyAna ]

m. N. of a son of Vasiṣṭha, BhP.

vásu-mat [ vasumat ]

( vásu- ), mfn. having or possessing or containing treasures, wealthy, rich ( -tara, compar. ), RV. ŚāṅkhGṛ. MBh. etc.

attended by the Vasus, TS. Kāṭh. AitBr. etc.

m. N. of a son of Manu Vaivasvata, Pur.

of Kṛṣṇa, BhP.

of a king, MBh.

of various other persons, Śak. BhP.

of a mountain in the North, VarBṛS. MārkP.

( atī ), f., see below

-tā, f. the state of being wealthy, wealth, MBh.

- ( mad ) -gaṇa ( vá° ), mfn. having or attracting the troop consisting of the Vasus ( said of Soma ), TS.

N. of TS. iii, 2, 5, 2 ( as beginning with this word ), ĀpŚr.

vásu-mati [ vasumati ]

m. N. of a Brāhman, Kathās.

vásu-matī [ vasumati ]

f. ( of -mat ) the earth

a country, kingdom, region, MBh. Kāv. etc.

the ground, Kāv.

N. of two kinds of metre, Ked. Col.

N. of various women, Śak. Kathās.

-citra-senā-vilāsa, m., -citra-senīya, n., -citrâ`sana, n. N. of works.

-pati, m. a prince, king, Rājat.

-pariṇaya, m. N. of a work.

-pṛṣṭha, n. the surface of the ( spherical ) earth, Gol.

-sūnu, m. metron. of Naraka, Bālar.

vásu-manas [ vasumanas ]

m. N. of a king of Kosala, MBh.

( with Rauhidaśva ) N. of the author of RV. x, 179, 3.

vásu-máya [ vasumaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting of wealth or of good things, ŚBr.

vásu-mitra [ vasumitra ]

m. N. of various men, MBh. Mālav. Pur. etc.

vásu-mekhala [ vasumekhala ]

mfn. wearing a jewelled girdle, Pañcar.

vásu-rakṣita [ vasurakSita ]

m. N. of a man, Daś.

vásu-raṇva [ vasuraNva ]

mfn. delighted with wealth, NārUp.

vásu-ratha [ vasuratha ]

m. N. of a poet, Sadukt.

vásu-rāja [ vasurAja ]

m. the king Vasu, HYog.

vásu-rāta [ vasurAta ]

m. N. of a man, MārkP.

vásu-rúc [ vasuruc ]

mfn. ( perhaps ) bright like the Vasus or the gods, RV. ix, 110, 6

a proper N., MW.

vásu-ruci [ vasuruci ]

( vásu- ), m. N. of a Gandharva, AV.

vásu-rūpa [ vasurUpa ]

mfn. having the nature of the Vasus ( said of Śiva ), MBh. ( also applied to an ancestor on offering the Piṇḍa, Saṃskārak. )

vásu-retas [ vasuretas ]

m. fire or the god of fire, MBh. R.

N. of Śiva ( also °taḥ-su-vapuḥ ), MBh.

vásu-rocis [ vasurocis ]

( vásu- ), m. N. of a man

( pl. ) of his family, RV. SāmavBr.

n. = yajña, Uṇ. ii, 112, Sch.

a religious ceremony in which the Vasus are esp. worshipped, MW.

vásu-lakṣmī [ vasulakSmI ]

f. N. of a sister-in-law of Agni-mitra, Mālav. ( in Prakṛt )

-kalyāṇa, n. N. of a Kāvya.

vásu-vat [ vasuvat ]

( vásu- ), mfn. united with the Vasus ( said of Agni ), AV.

vásu-ván [ vasuvan ]

mfn. = -váni ( with vasu-dhéyasya ), VS. Br. etc.

vásu-vana [ vasuvana ]

n. N. of a mythical country, VarBṛS.

vásu-váni [ vasuvani ]

mfn. asking wealth ( or ) bestowing wealth, RV. AV.

f. a request or prayer for wealth, MW.

vásu-varmadhara [ vasuvarmadhara ]

mfn. wearing a golden armour, MBh.

vásu-vallikā [ vasuvallikA ]

f. Serratula Anthelmintica, L.

vásu-vāha [ vasuvAha ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi, Cat.

vásu-vā'hana [ vasuvAhana ]

mfn. carrying wealth, bringing treasures, RV.

vásu-víd [ vasuvid ]

mfn. bestowing wealth, RV. AV. etc.

( -vit ) -tama, mfn. one who bestows great wealth, MW.

vásu-vinda [ vasuvinda ]

mfn. gaining wealth, Gaut.

vásu-vīrya [ vasuvIrya ]

n. ( prob. ) the power of the Vasus, MānGṛ.

vásu-vṛṣṭi [ vasuvRSTi ]

f. a shower of wealth or of treasures, Cat.

vásu-vrata [ vasuvrata ]

n. a kind of penance ( eating only ground rice for twelve days ), L.

vásu-śakti [ vasuzakti ]

m. N. of a man, Pañcat.

vásu-śravas [ vasuzravas ]

( vásu- ), mfn. ( perhaps ) famous for wealth ( or ' flowing-with wealth ' ), RV. v, 24, 2

N. of Śiva, Śivag.

vásu-śrī [ vasuzrI ]

f. N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda, MBh.

vásu-śruta [ vasuzruta ]

m. ( prob. ) a person renowned for wealth, MW.

( with Ātreya ) N. of the author of RV. v, 3-6.

vásu-śreṣṭha [ vasuzreSTha ]

mfn. the best of the Vasus ( said of Kṛṣṇa ), Pañcar.

m. N. of a king, VP.

n. ' best of treasure, ' silver, L.

wrought gold, MW.

vásu-ṣeṇa [ vasuSeNa ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu, Viṣṇ

of Karṇa ( half brother of the Pāṇḍu princes by the same mother, Pṛthā, the name is supposed by some to have reference to his wealth which he distributed liberally. cf karṇa ), MBh.

of a merchant, HPariś.

vásu-sampatti [ vasusampatti ]

f. accession or acquisition of wealth, Vait.

vásu-sampūrṇa [ vasusampUrNa ]

mfn. filled with wealth, MBh.

vásu-sāra [ vasusAra ]

m. N. of a man, Buddh.

( ā ), f. Kubera's capital, L.

vásu-sena [ vasusena ]

m. N. of a poet, Sadukt.

vásu-sthalī [ vasusthalI ]

f. the capital of Kubera, L.

vásu-haṭṭa [ vasuhaTTa ]

( Car. Sch. ) or ( L. ), m. a kind of tree = baka.

vásu-haṭṭaka [ vasuhaTTaka ]

( L. ), m. a kind of tree = baka

= baka-puṣpa or Sesbana Grandiflora, MW.

vásu-homa [ vasuhoma ]

m. N. of a king of the Aṅgas, MBh.

vasū-jū' [ vasUjU ]

mfn. raising wealth, RV. viii, 88, 8.

vasûttama [ vasUttama ]

m. ' best of the Vasus, ' N. of Bhīshma, BhP.

vasûdreka [ vasUdreka ]

m. N. of a man, Cat.

vasûpamāna [ vasUpamAna ]

mfn. resembling or equal to Kubera, MW.

vasū-matī [ vasUmatI ]

( m. c. vasu-m° ), f. a rich or wealthy woman, Hariv.

vasu [ vasu ]

2. m. or n. ( for 1. see p. 930, col. 3 ) dwelling or dweller ( see sáṃ-vasu ).

 vasu [ vasu ]

1. 2. See pp. 930 and 932.