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Derived Words in Other Languages:



veṇī [ veNI ]

f. = veṇi, a braid of hair etc. MBh. Kāv. etc.

a stream, current L.

an abridgement of the title veṇī-saṃhāra( See below ) Sāh

Lipeocercis Serrata Car.

a dam, bridge L.

a ewe L.

N. of a river Hariv.

N. of wk. Cat.

veṇī-ga-mūlaka [ veNIgamUlaka ]

n. the root of Andropogon Muricatus L.

veṇī-datta [ veNIdatta ]

m. ( also with bhaṭṭa, śarman etc. ) N. of various authors and other men Cat.

veṇī-dāna [ veNIdAna ]

n. a ceremony performed at Prayāga ( cutting off a braid of hair and offering it to the Ganges with gifts to the priests ) RTL. 375

veṇī-dāsa [ veNIdAsa ]

m. N. of a man Cat.

veṇī-bhūta [ veNIbhUta ]

mfn. ( hair ) forming a braid BhP.

veṇī-mādhava [ veNImAdhava ]

m. N. of an author ib.

-bandhu m. N. of the father of Raṅga-nātha ib.

veṇī-rāma [ veNIrAma ]

( with śāka-dvīpin and dharmâdhikārin ), m. N. of authors ib.

veṇī-rūpa [ veNIrUpa ]


veṇī-vilāsa [ veNIvilAsa ]

m. N. of two poems

veṇī-saṃvaraṇa [ veNIsaMvaraNa ]

or n. = next

veṇī-saṃharaṇa [ veNIsaMharaNa ]

n. = next

veṇī-saṃhāra [ veNIsaMhAra ]

m. ' binding up of the braided hair ', N. of a wellknown drama by Bhaṭṭa-nārāyaṇa ( who probably lived in the 9th century ; its subject is taken from an incident narrated in the 2nd and 8th books of the Mahā-bhārata, in which is described how Yudhishṭhira gambled away all his possessions, including Draupadī, and how Du-śāsana then insulted Draupadī by loosening her braided hair and dragging her away by her dishevelled locks, and how Bhīma, who witnessed the insult, swore that he would one day kill Du-śāsana and drink his blood ; this threat he fulfilled, and Draupadī's hair was then bound up again ; cf. MBh. ii, 2229-2235, viii, 4235 )

veṇī-skandha [ veNIskandha ]

m. N. of a serpent-demon MBh.