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 vi-√ ḍamb [ viDamb ]

Ā. -ḍambate, to imitate, vie with, BhP.

P. ḍambayati, to imitate, copy, emulate, equal, be a match for any one or anything, Hariv. Kāv. Kāvyâ`d.

to mock, deride, ridicule, Hariv.

to impose upon, take in, cheat, deceive, Śak. Bhartṛ. Pañcat.

to afflict, MW.

vi-ḍamba [ viDamba ]

mfn. imitating, representing, BhP.

m. mockery, derision, Kāv. Sāh.

degradation, desecration, VarBṛS.

afflicting, distressing, annoyance, MW.

vi-ḍambaka [ viDambaka ]

mfn. imitating, strikingly resembling, Kād.

disgracing, profaning, Kāv. BhP.

vi-ḍambana [ viDambana ]

mfn. imitating, representing, acting like, BhP.

n. and ( ā ), f. imitation, copying, representing, playing the part of any one, imposture, disguise ( especially applied to a god assuming human form ), Kāv. Pur. ( acc. with √ kṛ, to imitate , copy, represent )

derision, ridiculousness, mockery, scoff, scorn, vexation, mortification, MBh. Kāv. etc. ( acc. with √ kṛ, to mock, deride )

disgrace, degradation, profanation, BhP.

abuse, misusage, VarBṛS.

disappointing, frustrating, MW.

vi-ḍambanīya [ viDambanIya ]

mfn. to be imitated etc.

to be distressed or annoyed, MW.

vi-ḍambita [ viDambita ]

mfn. imitated, copied, etc.

disguised, transformed, distorted, Hariv.

vexed, mortified, W.

low, poor, abject, ib.

deceived, disappointed, frustrated, MW.

n. an object of ridicule or contempt, despicable object, ib.

°tê`śvara, mfn. imitating or representing Śiva, Ragh.

vi-ḍambin [ viDambin ]

mfn. imitating, copying, bearing a striking resemblance, Uttarar. Kād.

mocking, deriding, vying with, surpassing, Śiś. Kāvyâ`d.

disgracing, degrading, profaning, VarBṛS.

causing deception or error, MW.

vi-ḍambya [ viDambya ]

n. an object of ridicule or contempt, BhP.