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 viṭṭhala [ viTThala ]

m. ( also written viṭhala, viṭhṭhala, and viḍhḍhala ) N. of a god worshipped at Pandharpur in the Deccan ( he is commonly called Viṭho-bā, and stated to be an incarnation of Viṣṇu or Kṛshṇa himself, who is believed to have visited this city and infused a large portion of his essence into a Brāhman named Puṇḍarīka or Puṇḍalīka, who had gained a great reputation for filial piety, his images represent him standing on a brick [ cf. 2. viḍ ] with his arms akimbo ), RTL. 263

( also with ācārya, dīkṣita, bhaṭṭa etc. ) N. of various authors and teachers ( especially of a grammarian, disparaged by Bhaṭṭoji, and of a son of Vallabhâ`cārya and successor to his chair, also called Viṭṭhala-dīkshita or Viṭṭhala-nātha or Viṭṭhalê`śa or Viṭṭhalê`śvara, said to have been born in 1515 ), Cat.

viṭṭhala-kavaca [ viTThalakavaca ]

n. N. of a Kavaca ( q.v. )

viṭṭhala-miśra [ viTThalamizra ]

m. N. of a Commentator, Cat.

viṭṭhala-sahasranāman [ viTThalasahasranAman ]

n. N. of a work.

viṭṭhala-sūnu [ viTThalasUnu ]

m. N. of an author, Cat.

viṭṭhala-stava-rāja [ viTThalastavarAja ]

m. N. of a work.

viṭṭhalâ`cāryasūnu [ viTThalAcAryasUnu ]

m. N. of a Commentator, Cat.

viṭṭhalâṣṭôttara-śata [ viTThalASTottarazata ]

n. N. of a Stotra.

viṭṭhalīpaddhati [ viTThalIpaddhati ]

f. N. of an astronomical work by Viṭṭhalâ`cārya.

viṭṭhalê`śa [ viTThaleza ]

see above.

viṭṭhalê`śvara [ viTThalezvara ]

see above.

viṭṭhalôpâdhyāya-pattra [ viTThalopAdhyAyapattra ]

n. N. of a work.