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 vi-bhāva [ vibhAva ]

1. and 2 See above and p. 978, col. 3

vi-bhāva [ vibhAva ]

2 m. ( for 1. See under vi-√ bhā ) any condition which excites or develops a partic. state of mind or body, any cause of emotion ( e.g. the persons and circumstances represented in a drama , as opp. to the anu-bhāva or external signs or effects of emotion ) Bhar. Daśar. Sāh. ( -tva n. )

a friend, acquaintance L.

N. of Śiva Pañcar.

vi-bhāvaka [ vibhAvaka ]

mfn. causing to appear, procuring or intending to procure ( ifc. ) MBh. iii, 1347 ( Nilak. )

discussing W.

vi-bhāvana [ vibhAvana ]

mfn. causing to appear, developing, manifesting Hariv.

( ā ), f. ( in rhet. ) description of effects the causes of which are left to be conjectured ( or, accord. to some, ' description by negatives, bringing out the qualities of any object more clearly than by positive description ' ) Vām. Kāvyâd. etc.

n. causing to appear or become visible, development, creation BhP. ( Sch. = pālana )

showing, manifesting Kull. on Mn. ix, 76

clear perception, examination, judgement, clear ascertainment Mn. Vikr

( ifc. ) reflection on Kathās

the act of producing a partic. emotion by a work of art Sāh

°nâlaṃkāra m. the rhetorical figure described above MW.

vi-bhāvanīya [ vibhAvanIya ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) to be clearly perceived or ascertained MārkP.

to be convicted ( = bhāvya ) Kull. on Mn. viii, 60

vi-bhāvita [ vibhAvita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) caused to arise or appear etc.

-tva n. the state of being perceived or judged W.

vi-bhāvin [ vibhAvin ]

mfn. mighty, powerful Śiś.

( ifc. ) causingto appear ( varṇa-v° m. N. of Śiva). MBh. xiii , 1219

arousing a partic. emotion ( esp. of love ) Nalôd

vi-bhāvya [ vibhAvya ]

mfn. to be clearly perceived or observed, distinguishable, comprehensible MBh. Kāv. etc.

to be attended to or heeded ( n. impers. ' it should be heeded ' ) MBh. Kāvyâd