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vi-cāra [ vicAra ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) mode of acting or proceeding, procedure ( also = a single or particular case ), ŚrS.

change of place, Gobh.

pondering, deliberation, consideration, reflection, examination, investigation, RPrāt. MBh. etc.

doubt, hesitation, R. Kathās. BhP.

a probable conjecture, Sāh.

dispute, discussion, W.

prudence, MW.

-kartṛ, m. one who makes investigation, a judge, investigator, W.

-cintāmaṇi, m. N. of a work

-jña, mfn. knowing how to discriminate or judge, able to decide on the merits of a case, a judge, MW.

-driś, mfn. ' employing no spies for eyes ' ( see cāra ), and ' looking at a matter with consideration, ' Naish.

-nirṇaya, m. N. of a work

-para, m. N. of a king, Śiṉhâ`s.

-bhū, f. a tribunal, L.

the judgement-seat of Yama ( judge of the dead ), W.

-mañjarī, f. -mālā, f. N. of works

-mūḍha, mfn. foolish or mistaken in judgement, Ragh. Hit.

-vat, mfn. proceeding with consideration, considerate, prudent, Śatr. Kāv

-vid, m. ( probably ) ' knowing how to discriminate, ' N. of Śiva, MBh.

-śāstra, n. N. of a work

-śīla, disposed to deliberation or reflection, considerate, deliberative, MW.

-sudhâ`kara, m. °dh´ârṇava, m. N. of works

-sthala, n. a place for discussion or investigation, tribunal, MW.

a logical disputation, W.

°rârka-saṃgraha, m. N. of a work

°rârthasamāgama, m. assembly for the sake of trial or judgment, an assembly for investigation or discussion, MW.

°rôkti, f. discriminating speech, L.

vi-cāraka [ vicAraka ]

m. a leader, guide, R.

a spy, ib.

( ifc. ) one who deliberates or considers, Sarvad.

( ikā ), f. a female servant who looks after the garden and the various divisions of the house, L.

-tā, f. -tva, n. investigation, deliberation, discussion, W.

vi-cāraṇa [ vicAraNa ]

n. ( also ā f. ) consideration, reflexion, discussion, doubt, hesitation, MBh. Kāv. etc.

changing a place ( only n. ), Suśr.

( ā ), f. distinction, kind, Car.

N. of the Mīmāṃsā system of philosophy, W.

vi-cāraṇīya [ vicAraNIya ]

mfn. to be deliberated about, needing careful consideration, Mṛcch. Ragh.

vi-cārita [ vicArita ]

mfn. deliberated, considered, discussed, judged, Mn. MBh. etc.

anything which is under discussion, dubious, doubtful, uncertain, ib.

anything which has been discussed or decided, ascertained, settled, Mn. xi, 28

n. ( also pl. ) deliberation, doubt, hesitation, MBh. Mṛcch. Pañcat.

vi-cārin [ vicArin ]

mfn. having wide paths ( as the earth ), RV. v, 84, 2

moving about, wandering, traversing, MBh. R. etc.

proceeding, acting, MBh.

changing, mutable, ĀśvŚr.

wanton, dissolute, lascivious, Cāṇ. ( v.l. )

( ifc. ) deliberating, judging, discussing, MBh. Mṛcch.

m. N. of a son of Kavandha, GopBr.

vi-cārya [ vicArya ]

mfn. to be deliberated or discussed ( n. impers. ), dubious, doubtful, questionable, MBh. Kathās. etc.

 vi-cāra [ vicAra ]

etc. See under vi-√ car.