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vidátha [ vidatha ]

n. knowledge, wisdom

( esp. ) ' knowledge given to others, ' i.e. instruction, direction, order, arrangement, disposition, rule, command ( also pl. ), RV. AV. VS. ( vidatham ā-√ vad, to impart knowledge, give instruction, rule, govern )

a meeting, assembly ( either for deliberating or for the observance of festive or religious rites, i.e. ) council, community, association, congregation, ib. ( also applied to particular associations or communities of gods, which in RV. viii, 39, 1 etc. are opposed to those of men, in RV. ii, 27, 8 ; vi, 51, 2 etc. three associations of gods are mentioned )

a host, army, body of warriors ( especially applied to the Maruts ), RV.

war, fight, ib.

a sage, scholar, L.

a saint, devotee, ascetic ( = yogin ), L.

= kṛtin, L.

N. of a man, Sāy. on RV. v, 33, 9.

vidáthin [ vidathin ]

m. N. of a man, Pāṇ. vi, 4, 165 ( cf. vaidathina ).

vidáthyá [ vidathya ]

mfn. fit for an assembly or council or any religious observance, festive, solemn, RV.