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vi-dhā'na [ vidhAna ]

mf ( ī ) n. disposing, arranging, regulating Vait

acting, performing, possessing, having MW.

m. N. of a Sādhya Hariv.

n. order, measure, disposition, arrangement, regulation, rule, precept, method, manner RV. etc. ( instr. sg. and pl., and -tas, ind. according to rule or precept ; saṃkhyā-vidhānāt, according to mathematical method, mathematically ; deśa-kāla-vidhānena, in the right place and at the right time )

medical prescription or regulation, diet Suśr.

fate, destiny MBh. Kāv

taking measures, contriving, managing Mn. MBh. etc.

a means, expedient Pañcat

setting up ( machines ) Yājñ.

creating, creation Kum. Ragh

performance ( esp. of prescribed acts or rites ), execution, making, doing, accomplishing Mn. MBh. etc.

enumeration, statement of particulars Suśr.

( in dram. ) conflict of different feelings, occasion for joy and sorrow Sāh. Pratāp

( in gram. ) affixing, prefixing, taking as an affix etc. W.

an elephant's fodder etc. Śiś. v, 51 ( only L. worship ; wealth ; wages ; sending ; act of hostility etc. )

-kalpa m. -khaṇḍa m. or n. ( ? ) N. of wks.

-ga m. ' rule-goer ', a Paṇḍit, teacher L.

-gumpha m. N. of wk.

-jña mfn. one who knows rules or precepts MBh. Suśr.

m. a teacher, Paṇḍit W.

-tilaka n. -pārijāta m. -mālā f. N. of wks.

-yukta mfn. agreeable to rule or precept MBh.

-ratna n. -ratnamālā f. -rahasya n. N. of wks.

-saptamī f. N. of the 7th day in the light half of Māgha W.

-sārasaṃgraha m. N. of wk.

°nôkta mfn. proclaimed or enjoined according to rule or ( sacred ) precept Bhag.

vi-dhānaka [ vidhAnaka ]

mfn. disposing, arranging, one who knows how to arrange MW.

n. ordinance, regulation, rule AgP.

distress, pain ( = vyathā ) L.

vi-dhāyaka [ vidhAyaka ]

mfn. enjoining, containing an injunction Śaṃk. KātyŚr. Sch.

performing, exhibiting Rājat

consigning, delivering, one who entrusts or deposits anything ( -tva n. ) W.

m. a founder, builder, establisher Pañcar. Rājat

vi-dhāyin [ vidhAyin ]

mfn. regulating, prescribing, containing an injunction or ordinance with regard to ( comp. ) Nyāyas. Rājat

performing, accomplishing Hariv. Kathās

causing, occasioning Hariv. Rājat

placing, fixing, securing W.

delivering, entrusting ib.

m. a founder, builder, establisher Rājat