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vidura [ vidura ]

mfn. knowing, wise, intelligent, skilled in ( comp. ), Uttamac.

m. a learned or clever man, W.

an intriguer, ib.

N. of the younger brother of Dhṛta-rāshṭra and Pāṇḍu ( they were all three sons of Vyāsa, but only the latter two by the two widows of Vicitra-vīrya, when Vyāsa wanted a third son, the elder widow sent him one of her slave-girls, dressed in her own clothes, and this girl became the mother of Vidura, who is sometimes called Kshattṛ, as if he were the son of a Kshatriya man and Śūdra woman. Vidura is described as sarva-buddhimatāṃ varaḥ and is one of the wisest characters in the Mahā-bhārata, always ready with good advice both for his nephews, the Pāṇḍavas, and for his brother Dhṛta-rāshṭra ), MBh. Hariv. Pur. ( cf. IW. 376, 385 etc. )

vidura-tā [ viduratA ]

f. the state or condition of ( being ) Vidura, MBh. xv, 752.

vidura-nīti [ viduranIti ]

f. or N. of chapters 32-39 of MBh. v.

vidura-prajāgara [ viduraprajAgara ]

m. N. of chapters 32-39 of MBh. v.

vidurâkrūravarada [ vidurAkrUravarada ]

m. N. of Kṛshṇa, Pañcar.

vidurâ`gamana-parvan [ vidurAgamanaparvan ]

n. N. of chapters 200-206 of MBh. i.