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vi-hāra [ vihAra ]

m. ( once in BhP., n. ) distribution, transposition ( of words ) AitBr. Lāṭy

arrangement or disposition ( of the 3 sacred fires

also applied to the fires themselves or the space between them ) , ŚrS.

too great expansion of the organs of speech ( consisting in too great lengthening or drawling in pronunciation, opp. to saṃ-hāra , q.v. ) RPrāt.

walking for pleasure or amusement, wandering, roaming MBh. Kāv. etc.

sport, play, pastime, diversion, enjoyment, pleasure ( ' in ' or ' with ', comp. ; ifc. also = taking delight in ) Yājñ. MBh. R. etc.

a place of recreation, pleasure-ground MBh. Kāv. etc.

( with Buddhists or Jainas ) a monastery or temple ( originally a hall where the monks met or walked about

afterwards these halls were used as temples ) Lalit. Mṛcch. Kathās. etc. ( cf. MWB. 68 ; 81 etc. )

consecration for a sacrifice Āpast

N. of the country of Magadha ( called Bihār or Behār from the number of Buddhist monasteries, See MWB. 68 ) Cat.

the shoulder L.

a partic. bird ( = bindurekaka ) L.

= vaijayanta L.

-kārikā f. pl. N. of wk.

-krīḍā-mṛga m. a toy-antelope to play with BhP.

-gṛha n. a pleasure-house, play-house, theatre MW.

-dāsī f. a female attendant of a convent or temple Mālatīm

-deśa m. a place of recreation, pleasure-ground MBh. R. MārkP.

-bhadra m. N. of a man Daś

-bhūmi f. = -deśa Hariv.

a grazing-ground, pasturage Kir

-yātrā f. a pleasure-walk MBh.

-vat mfn. possessing a place of recreation Mn. MBh.

( ifc. ) delighting in Mn. x, 9

-vana n. a pleasure-grove Daś

-vāpī f. ' pleasure-pond ', N. of wk.

-vāri n. water for sporting or playing about in Ragh

-śayana n. a pleasure-couch R.

-śaila m. a pleasure-mountain R.

-sthalī f. ( Vās. ), -sthāna n. ( BhP. )

°râjira n. ( = °radeśa )

°râvasatha m. ( = °ra-gṛha ) MBh.

vi-hāraka [ vihAraka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. delighting in ( comp. ) Pañcar.

serving for the amusement of ( comp. ) Mālatīm

roaming or walking about, a roamer MW.

belonging to a Buddhist temple or convent ib.

vi-hāraṇa [ vihAraNa ]

n. pleasure, delight ( ifc. = delighting in ) Pañcar.

vi-hārin [ vihArin ]

mfn. wandering about for pleasure, roaming, strolling MBh. Kāv. etc.

going as far as, extending to ( comp. ) R. Rājat

dependent on ( comp. ) MBh.

enjoying one's self with, delighting in, given or addicted to, fond of ( comp. ) Yājñ. MBh. etc.

charming, beautiful Bhartṛ. ( v.l. )

( iṇī ), f. a girl too fond of gadding about ( unfit for marriage ) L.

°ri-siṃha m. N. of a king Inscr.