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ví-kṛta [ vikRta ]

mfn. transformed, altered, changed, etc.

( especially ) deformed, disfigured, mutilated, maimed, unnatural, strange, extraordinary, Mn. MBh. etc.

unaccomplished, incomplete, RV. ii, 33, 6

ugly ( as a face ), MBh.

estranged, rebellious, disloyal, hostile, ib.

decorated, embellished, set with ( comp. ), ib.

( with vadha, m. ) capital punishment with mutilation, Mn. ix, 291

sick, diseased, L.

m. the 24th year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years, VarBṛS.

N. of a Prajā-pati, R. ( v.l. vi-krīta and vi-krānta )

of a demon ( the son of Pari-varta ), MārkP.

( ā ), f. N. of a Yoginī, Hcat.

n. change, alteration, Vop.

disgust, aversion, W.

misshaped offspring, abortion, Mn. ix, 247

untimely silence caused by embarrassment, Sāh. ( v.l. vi-hṛta )

-janana-śānti-vidhāna, n. N. of a chapter of the Padma-purāṇa

-tva, n. the state of being changed, transformation, Śaṃk.

-daṃṣṭra, m. N. of a Vidyā-dhara, Kathās.

-darśana, mfn. changed in appearance, MBh. R.

-buddhi, mfn. changed in mind, estranged, made unfriendly or ill-disposed, MW.

-rakta, mfn. dyed red, red-stained ( as a garment ), Bhpr.

-locana, mfn. having troubled eyes, MW.

-vadana, mfn. having a distorted face, ugly-faced, W.

-veṣin, mfn. having an unusual dress, BhP.

°tâ`kāra, mfn. changed in form or appearance, misshaped, distorted in form, MBh.

°tâ`kṛti, mfn. having a deformed shape or aspect, Mn. xi, 52

°tâkṣa, mfn. blind, Pāṇ. vi, 3, 3, Vārtt. 2, Pat.

°tâṅga, mfn. changed in form, having misshaped limbs, deformed, W.

°tâ`nana, mfn. = °ta-vadana above, MBh.

-mūrdhaja, mfn. having a disturbed face and dishevelled hair, ib.

°tôdara, m. N. of a Rākshasa, R.