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 vi-kalpa [ vikalpa ]

etc. See under vi-√ kḷp.

vi-kalpa [ vikalpa ]

2. m. ( for 1. see p. 950, col. 1 ) alternation, alternative, option, ŚrS. Mn. VarBṛS. etc. ( ena, ind. ' optionally ' )

variation, combination, variety, diversity, manifoldness, KātyŚr. MBh. etc.

contrivance, art, Ragh.

difference of perception, distinction, Nyāyas. BhP.

indecision, irresolution, doubt, hesitation, MBh. Kāv. etc.

admission, statement, BhP.

false notion, fancy, imagination, Yogas. Gīt.

calculation, VarBṛS.

mental occupation, thinking, L.

= kalpa-sthāna, Car.

a god, BhP. ( Sch. )

( in rhetoric ) antithesis of opposites, Pratāp.

( in grammar ) admission of an option or alternative, the allowing a rule to be observed or not at pleasure ( v´êti vikalpaḥ, Pāṇ. I, 1, 44, Sch. )

a collateral form, VarBṛS.

pl. N. of a people, MBh. ( C. vikalya )

mfn. different, BhP.

-jāla, n. a number of possible cases, dilemma, Sarvad. TPrāt. Sch.

-tva, n. manifoldness, variety, Suśr.

-vat, mfn. undecided, doubtful, Vedântas.

-sama, m. a particular sophistical objection, Sarvad.

°pânupapatti, f. untenableness owing to a dilemma, Sarvad.

°pâsaha, mfn. not standing ( the test of ) a dilemma ( -tva, n. ) ib.

°pôpahāra, m. an optional offering, MW.

vi-kalpaka [ vikalpaka ]

m. a distributer, apportioner, MBh.

a contriver, composer, Cat.

a transformer, changer, Car.

= 2. vi-kalpa, TejobUp.

vi-kalpana [ vikalpana ]

m. a contriver, composer, Cat.

n. and ( ā ), f. allowing an option or alternative, Pañcar. Kār. on Pāṇ.

the use of a collateral form, VarBṛS. Sch.

distinction ( pl. = different opinions ), Sarvad.

false notion or assumption, fancy, imagination, BhP.

indecision, MW.

inconsideration, ib.

vi-kalpananīya [ vikalpananIya ]

mfn. to be calculated or ascertained, VarBṛS.

vi-kalpayitavya [ vikalpayitavya ]

mfn. to be put as an alternative, Śaṃk.

vi-kalpita [ vikalpita ]

mfn. prepared, arranged, etc.

divided, manifold ( with caturdaśa-dhā = fourteen fold ), BhP.

doubtful, undecided, ib. Sarvad. ( cf. a-vikalpa )

optional ( -tva, n. ) Nyāyam. Sāy.

vi-kalpin [ vikalpin ]

mfn. possessing doubt or indecision, liable to be mistaken for ( comp. ), Ṛitus

versed in the Mīmāṃsā, Vas. Baudh.

vi-kalpya [ vikalpya ]

mfn. to be distributed, VarBṛS.

to be calculated or ascertained, ib.

to be chosen according to circumstances, Car.