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 vi-kalpa [ vikalpa ]

etc. See under vi-√ kḷp

vi-kalpa [ vikalpa ]

2 m. ( for 1. See p. 950, col. 1 ) alternation, alternative, option ŚrS. Mn. VarBṛS. etc. ( ena ind. ' optionally ' )

variation, combination, variety, diversity, manifoldness KātyŚr. MBh. etc.

contrivance, art Ragh

difference of perception, distinction Nyāyas. BhP.

indecision, irresolution, doubt, hesitation MBh. Kāv. etc.

admission, statement BhP.

false notion, fancy, imagination Yogas. Gīt.

calculation VarBṛS.

mental occupation, thinking L.

= kalpa-sthāna Car.

a god BhP. ( Sch. )

( in rhet. ) antithesis of opposites Pratāp

( in gram. ) admission of an option or alternative, the allowing a rule to be observed or not at pleasure ( vêti vikalpaḥ Pāṇ. 1-1 , 44 Sch. )

a collateral form VarBṛS.

pl. N. of a people MBh. ( C. vikalya )

mfn. different BhP.

-jāla ', n. a number of possible cases, dilemma Sarvad. TPrāt. Sch.

-tva n. manifoldness, variety Suśr.

-vat mfn. undecided, doubtful Vedântas

-sama m. a partic. sophistical objection Sarvad

°pânupapatti f. untenableness owing to a dilemma Sarvad

°pâsaha mfn. not standing ( the test of ) a dilemma ( -tva n. ) ib.

°pôpahāra m. an optional offering. MW.

vi-kalpaka [ vikalpaka ]

m. a distributer, apportioner MBh.

a contriver, composer Cat.

a transformer, changer Car.

= 2. vi-kalpa TejobUp.

vi-kalpana [ vikalpana ]

m. a contriver, composer Cat.

n. and ( ā ), f. allowing an option or alternative Pañcar. Kār. on Pāṇ.

the use of a collateral form VarBṛS. Sch.

distinction ( pl. = different opinions ) Sarvad

false notion or assumption, fancy, imagination BhP.

indecision MW.

inconsideration ib.

vi-kalpananīya [ vikalpananIya ]

mfn. to be calculated or ascertained VarBṛS.

vi-kalpayitavya [ vikalpayitavya ]

mfn. to be put as an alternative Śaṃk

vi-kalpita [ vikalpita ]

mfn. prepared, arranged etc.

divided, manifold ( with caturdaśa-dhā = fourteen fold ) BhP.

doubtful, undecided ib. Sarvad. ( cf. a-vikalpa )

optional ( -tva n. ) Nyāyam. Sāy

vi-kalpin [ vikalpin ]

mfn. possessing doubt or indecision, liable to be mistaken for ( comp. ) Ṛitus

versed in the Mīmāṃsā Vas. Baudh.

vi-kalpya [ vikalpya ]

mfn. to be distributed VarBṛS.

to be calculated or ascertained ib.

to be chosen according to circumstances Car.