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 vi-√ nud [ vinud ]

P. Ā. -nudati, °te, to drive away or asunder, scare away, dispel, remove RV. ŚāṅkhŚr.

to strike ( cords ), play ( on a musical instrument ) BhP. ( v.l. vi- tud ), Caus. -nodayati, to drive asunder or away, dispel Śiś. Gīt.

to spend ( time ) MBh.

to divert, amuse, entertain Hariv. Kāv. Kathās

to amuse one's self with, delight in ( instr. ) Ragh. v, 67

vi-nutti [ vinutti ]

f. dispelling, removal Kāṭh

N. of an Ek^aha ŚrS.

vi-núd [ vinud ]

f. a stroke, thrust, blow RV. ii, 13, 3

vi-nunna [ vinunna ]

mfn. driven asunder etc.

stricken, hurt, wounded MBh.

vi-noda [ vinoda ]

m. driving away, removal VarBṛS. Kathās

diversion, sport, pastime, pleasure, playing or amusing one's self with ( comp. ) Kāv. Kathās. Pañcat. etc. ( °dāya ind. for pleasure )

eagerness, vehemence L.

a kind of embrace L.

a kind of palace L.

N. of wk. on music

-kallola m. -mañjari f. -raṅga m. N. of wks.

-rasika mfn. given or addicted to pleasure Kathās

-vat mfn. amusing, delightful ib.

-sthāṇa n. ground ( lit. and fig. ) for pleasure or enjoyment Śak

°dârtham ind. for the sake of sport or pleasure Kathās

°dâpapādin mfn. causing pleasure or delight ib.

vi-nodana [ vinodana ]

n. diversion, play, amusement, pastime ( - tā f. ) Kāv. Kathās

-śata n. pl. hundreds of amusements Vikr

vi-nodita [ vinodita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) driven away, dispelled Śiś. Gīt.

diverted, amused, delighted R. Hariv.

allayed, soothed W.