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vi-vṛta [ vivRta ]

mfn. uncovered, unconcealed, exposed, naked, bare MBh. Kāv. etc.

unhurt, woundless MBh. iv, 2027

unclosed, open ĀśvGṛ. Up. Prāt. MBh. etc. ( also applied to the organs in speaking and to the articulation of partic. sounds, = vivṛta- prayatnôpêta Śaṃk. on ChUp. ii, 22, 5 ; superl. -tama, APrāt. )

extensive, large, wide W.

( also vī-vṛta ) unfolded, exposed, revealed, explained, divulged, public, manifest, evident, known MBh. VarBṛS. etc.

opened i.e. presented, offered ( as an opportunity ) BhP.

( am ) ind. openly, publicly, in the sight of every one MBh.

( ā ), f. a partic. disease, an ulcer attended with much pain and heat Suśr.

a species of plant ib.

n. the bare ground MBh. Hariv.

publicity ( loc. ' in public ' or ' straight out ' ) MBh. iv, 34 , 4

( in gram. ) open articulation, approach of the tongue towards the organ of speech but without contact

-tā f. the being known, publicity ( acc. with √ gam, to become known or public ) R.

-dvāra mfn. ' open-gated ', unchecked, unbounded ( sorrow ) Kum

-pauruṣa mfn. one whose prowess is displayed, displaying valour Mn. vii, 102

-bhāva mfn. open-hearted, candid, sincere, Mālatīm

-vat mfn. one who has opened Kathās

-snāna n. bathing publicly PārGṛ.

-smayana n. an open smile ( i.e. one in which the mouth is sufficiently open to show the teeth ) ĀśvŚr.

°tâkṣa m. open-eyed ', a cock L. ( cf. vi-vṛttâkṣa )

°tânana mfn. open-mouthed ( -tva n. ) Ragh

°tâsya mfn. id. MW.

°tôkti f. open or explicit expression ( opp. to gūḍhôkti ) Kuval

vi-vṛti [ vivRti ]

f. making clear or manifest, explanation, exposition, gloss, comment, interpretation Sarvad

exposure, discovery W.

-vimarśinī f. N. of wk.