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 vi-varta [ vivarta ]

vi-vartana etc. See under vi-√ vṛt, p. 988

vi-vartá [ vivarta ]

m. ' the revolving one ', N. of the sky VS. TS.

a whirlpool SV.

turning round, rolling onwards, moving about Mcar.

turning away L.

dance L.

changing from one state to another, modification, alteration, transformation, altered form or condition Kāv. Kathās

( in Ved^anta ) error, illusion, an apparent or illusory form, unreality ( caused by A-vidyā ', ignorance ', and removed by Vidyā, ' true knowledge ) Vedântas

collection, multitude L.

( with atreḥ ) N. of two Sāmans ĀrshBr.

-kalpa m. ( with Buddhists ) one of the 4 cosmic periods Dharmaś. 87

-vāda m. a method of asserting the Vedanta doctrine ( maintaining the development of the Universe from Brahma as the sole real entity, the phenomenal world being held to be a mere illusion or Māyā ; pariṇāma-vādā ). Madhus

vi-vártana [ vivartana ]

mfn. turning round, revolving MBh.

changing, transforming Kathās

n. ( ifc. f. ā ) rolling ( of a horse ) RV. i, 162, 14

rolling or tossing about, struggling Kāv. Kathās. ( also ā f. Harav. )

moving or wandering to and fro Mn. xii, 75

turning round Suśr.

turning, turn, change TBr. Mālatīm

turning away or back MBh. Kālid

returning, return Kir

a kind of dance ( also -nṛtya n. ) Saṃgīt

transformation RPrāt.

existing, being, abiding W.

going round, circumambulating ( an altar etc. ) ib.

reverential salutation MW.

causing to turn or to change, overturning ib.

vi-vartita [ vivartita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) turned round etc. MBh. Kāv. etc.

turned away or back, averted Kum

distorted Suśr.

knitted ( as the brows ) Śak

whirled round ( as dust ) Kir

removed from one's place Śiś.

vi-vartin [ vivartin ]

mfn. turning round, rolling, revolving Kāv. Kathās

( ifc. ) turning toward Śak

changing, undergoing a change Kathās

dwelling, abiding ib. MārkP.