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vi-śvāsa [ vizvAsa ]

m. confidence, trust, reliance, faith or belief in ( loc., gen., instr. with or without saha, or comp. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

a confidential communication, secret Daś. Hit.

-kāraka mf ( ikā ) n. inspiring confidence, causing trust MBh.

-kāraṇa n. reason for confidence Hit.

-kārya n. a confidential matter of business Hit.

-kṛt mfn. = -kāraka W.

-ghāta m. destruction of confidence, violation of trust, treachery RāmatUp.

-ghātaka or -ghātin mfn. one who destroys confidence, a traitor MBh. R. etc.

-janman mfn. produced from confidence MW.

-devī f. N. of the patroness of Vidyā-pati ( to whom he dedicated his Gaṅgā-vāky^avalī, a wk. on the worship of the water of the Ganges ) Cat.

-parama mfn. wholly possessed of confidence, thoroughly trustful R.

-pātra n. ' receptacle of confidence ', a trustworthy person Hit.

-pratipanna mfn. possessed of confidence, trustful Hit.

-prada mfn. inspiring confidence W.

-bhaṅga m. violation of confidence, breach of faith Mālatīm

-bhūmi f. ' ground for confidence ', a trustworthy person Hit.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. consisting in confidence Jātakam

-rāya m. N. of a minister Cat.

-sthāna n. ' place for or object of confidence ', a hostage , surety Pañcat

-hantṛ ( MārkP. ) or -hartṛ ( MBh. ), m. ' destroyer or stealer of confidence ', a traitor

°saˆika-bhū f. ' sole ground for confidence ', sole trustworthy person, Kusum

°saˆika-sāra m. ' one whose sole essence is confidence ', N. of a man MW.

śôjjhita-dhī mfn. ' one whose mind has abandoned confidence ', distrustful, suspicious Rājat.

°sôpagama m. access of confidence Śak

vi-śvāsana [ vizvAsana ]

n. inspiring confidence ( °nârtham ind. for the sake of inspṭinspiring confidence ) Pañcat

vi-śvāsika [ vizvAsika ]

mfn. trusty, confidential ( -tara mfn. more trusty ) MBh.

vi-śvāsita [ vizvAsita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) made to trust, inspired with confidence W.

vi-śvāsin [ vizvAsin ]

mfn. confiding, trustful Megh. Kathās

trusty, confidential, trustworthy, honest Kām

vi-śvāsya [ vizvAsya ]

mfn. to be trusted or confided in, trustworthy MBh. Kāv. etc. ( -tara mfn. more trustworthy Daś. )

to be inspired with confidence, liable to be consoled or encouraged or comforted MBh.