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 vy-√ akta [ vyakta ]

vy-akti, See cols. 2, 3

vy-ákta [ vyakta ]

mfn. adorned, embellished, beautiful RV.

caused to appear, manifested, apparent, visible, evident ( am, ind. apparently, evidently, certainly ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

developed, evolved ( See below )

distinct, intelligible ( See -vāc )

perceptible by the senses ( opp. to a-vyakta, transcendental ) MBh. BhP.

specified, distinguished L.

specific, individual L.

hot L.

wise, learned Lalit.

m. heat L.

a learned man L.

an initiated monk Śīl

' the manifested One ', N. of Viṣṇu MW.

of one of the 11 Gaṇ^adhipas ( with Jainas )

n. ( in Sāṃkhya ) ' the developed or evolved ' ( as the product of a-vyakta, q.v. ), Saṃkhyak. ( cf. IW. 82 )

-kṛtya n. a public action or deed Rājat

-gaṇita n. calculation with known numbers, arithmetic IW. 176, n. 3

-gandhā f. ( only L. ) long pepper


a species of Sanseviera

Clitoria Ternatea

-tā f. or -tva n. distinctness, manifestation ( instr. ' clearly, distinctly '

acc. with √ gam, ' to appear ' ) Up. Kathās

-tāraka mfn. having clear stars MW.

-darśana mfn. one who has attained to right knowledge R.

-dṛṣṭârtha mfn. perceiving or witnessing a transaction with one's own eyes, a witness L.

-bhuj mfn. consuming all manifested or visible things ( said of time ) MW.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. relating to what is perceptible by the senses MBh.

-māricika mfn. much peppered Car.

-rasa mfn. having a perceptible taste ( f. ) Suśr.

-rāśi m. ( in arithm. ) known or absolute quantity

-rūpa m. ' having a manifested form ', N. of Viṣṇu MW.

-rūpin mfn. having a discernible shape ib.

-lakṣman mfn. having evident sings or marks, clearly characterized W.

-lavaṇa mfn. much salted Car.

-vāc f. a clear or distinct speech Pāṇ. 1-3, 48

-vikrama mfn. displaying valour MW.

°tâvadhūta mfn. one who has publicly shaken off worldly ties ( opp. to guptâv°, q.v. ) W.

°tôdita mfn. spoken clearly or plainly MW.

vy-aktaya [ vyaktaya ]

Nom. P. °yati, to manifest Dharmaś