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 vy-ava-√ sthā [ vyavasthA ]

Ā. -tiṣṭhate, to go apart, separate from ( abl. ) ŚāṅkhSr

to differ respectively Śaṃk

to halt, stop, stay R.

to prepare or make ready for ( dat. ) ib.

to be settled, be ( logically ) true or tenable MBh. Sarvad

to appear as ( nom. ) Nir. Sāṃkhyak. : Caus. -sthāpayati, to put down, place VarBṛS. Vās

to fix on, direct towards ( loc. ) Kum

to charge with, appoint to ( artham ) Hit.

to stop, hold up, prevent from falling MBh. Rājat

to restore, re-establish Kum. Jātakam

to settle, arrange, establish, determine, prove to be ( logically ) tenable Daś. Sarvad

to give a name Divyâv

to perform MW.

vy-avasthā [ vyavasthA ]

f. respective difference ( āyām loc. in each single case ) ŚrS. Kap. Śaṃk

abiding in one place, steadiness Kathās

fixity, perseverance, constancy MBh. R. etc.

a fixed limit Śiś.

settlement, establishment, decision, statute, law, rule ( ayā, instr. according to a fixed rule ) BhP. Pāṇ. Sch. Kull

legal decision or opinion ( applied to the written extracts from the codes of law or adjustment of contradictory passages in different codes ) W.

conviction, persuasion R.

fixed relation of time or place Pāṇ. 1-1, 34

rate, proportion Bhpr.

state, condition Kāv. Rājat

case, occasion, opportunity Rājat. W.

an engagement, agreement, contract ib.

-tikrama ( °sthât° ), m. transgression or violation of the law or settled rule, breaking an agreement or contract W.

-tivartana ( °sthât° ), n. id. ib.

-tivartin ( °sthaˆi° ), mfn. transgressing the law, breaking an agreement or contract ib.

-darpaṇa m. -prakāśa m. N. of wks.

-pattra n. a written deed, document L.

-ratna-mālā f. -rṇava ( °thā'rṇ° ), m. -sāra-saṃgraha, m. -sâra-saṃcaya m. -setu m. N. of wks.

vy-avasthātṛ [ vyavasthAtR ]

mfn. one who settles or determines Pañcar.

vy-avasthāna [ vyavasthAna ]

mfn. persistent ( applied to Viṣṇu ) MBh. xiii, 6991

n. steadiness, perseverance, continuance in ( loc. ) MBh. R.

firmness, constancy MBh.

state, condition ( pl. ' circumstances ' ) GopBr. Rājat

regular arrangement or distribution MW.

-prajñapti f. a partic. high number Buddh.