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vy-avasthita [ vyavasthita ]

mfn. placed in order, drawn up ( in battle ) Bhag.

placed, laid, put, stationed situated, standing or being in or on or at ( loc. or comp. ) Yājñ. MBh. etc.

standing on the side of taking part with ( comp. ) Dhūrtas

contained in ( loc. ) Sarvad

used in the meaning of ( loc. ), signifying ( as a word ) Cat.

one who has waited or stayed MBh.

based or dependent on ( loc. ) Kām. Mālatīm. resolved upon ( loc. ) MBh.

persevering in, sticking or adhering to ( loc. or comp.

with vākye, ' abiding in what is said ', ' obeying ' ) Yājñ. MBh. etc. intent upon, caring for ( loc. ) MBh.

settled, established, fixed, exactly determined, quite peculiar or restricted to ( loc. or comp. ) Mn. MBh. etc.

constant, unchanging Suśr.

existing, present MBh. Sarvad

proving, turning out or appearing as ( nom. or instr. or ind. p. or adv. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

-tva n. continuance, permanence, duration, Suś

-vikalpa m. -vibhāṣā f. ( in law, gram. etc. ) an option fixed or determined in each particular case applicable or omitted throughout ( the operation being in one case carried out throughout and in the other omitted throughout ) Dāyabh. Kull. APrāt. Pāṇ. Sch.

-viṣaya mfn. limited in sphere or range Uttarar

vy-avasthiti [ vyavasthiti ]

f. the being placed apart or kept asunder or distinguished, separation, distinction, difference Bhag. Nyāyam. Sarvad. staying, abiding, perseverance in ( instr. or loc. ) BhP.

constancy, steadfastness Kathās

fixity, fixed rule or statute, decision, determination Mn. Hariv. etc.

extracting ( ? ) W.