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yáthā [ yathA ]

ind. ( in Veda also unaccented ; fr. 3. ya, correlative of táthā ) in which manner or way, according as, as, like ( also with cid, ha, ha vai, iva, ivâṅga, iva ha, eva, and followed by correl. tathā, tathā tathā, tadvat, cvam, Ved. also evá ) cf. RV. etc. ( yathaˆitat or yathaˆivaˆitat, ' as for that ' ; yathā-tathā or yathā - tena satyena, ' as surely as ' - ' so truly ' )

as, for instance, namely ( also tad yathā, ' as here follows ' ) cf. Up. cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Nir

as it is or was ( elliptically ) cf. BhP.

that, so that, in order that ( with Pot. or Subj., later also with fut., pres., imperf. and aor. ; in earlier language yathā is often placed after the first word of a sentence ; sometimes with ellipsis of syāt and bhavet ) cf. RV. etc.

that ( esp. after verbs of ' knowing ', ' believing ', ' hearing ', ' doubting ' etc. ; either with or without iti at the end of the sentence ) cf. Up. cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

as soon as cf. Megh

as, because, since ( yathā-tathā, ' as'-' therefore ' ) cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

as if ( with Pot. ) cf. Daś. cf. Śak. ; how ( = quam, expressing ' admiration ' ) cf. Pāṇ. 8-1, 37 cf. Sch.

according to what is right, properly, correctly ( = yathāvat ) cf. BhP. ( yáthā yathā-táthā tathā or evaî'va, ' in whatever manner ', -' in that manner ', ' according as ' or ' in proportion as ', -' so ', ' by how much the more'-' by so much ', ' the more'-' the more ; yathā tathā, ' in whatever manner ', ' in every way ', ' anyhow ' ; with na, ' in no way ', ' really not ' ; yathā kathaṃcit, ' in any way ', ' somehow or other ' ; yathaˆiva, ' just as ' ; tad yathâpināma, ' just as if ' )

yáthā-ṃsa-tas [ yathAMsatas ]

( °thâṃ° ), ind. ( cf. W. ) or ( °thâṃ° ), ind. ( A. ) according to shares or portions, in due proportion, proportionably

yáthā-ṃśam [ yathAMzam ]

( °thâṃ° ), ind. ( A. ) according to shares or portions, in due proportion, proportionably

yáthā-kathita [ yathAkathita ]

mfn. as ( already ) mentioned cf. Vikr

yáthā-kaniṣṭham [ yathAkaniSTham ]

ind. according to the age from the youngest to the oldest cf. PārGṛ.

yáthā-kartavya [ yathAkartavya ]

mfn. proper to be done ( under any partic. circumstances ) cf. Hit.

yáthā-karmá [ yathAkarma ]

ind. according to actions cf. ŚBr. cf. ŚrS. etc.

according to circumstances cf. MW.

-guṇam ind. according to actions and qualities cf. BhP.

yáthā-kalpam [ yathAkalpam ]

ind. in conformity with ritual or ceremonial cf. R.

yáthā-kāṇḍam [ yathAkANDam ]

ind. according to chapters, L :

yáthā-kāma [ yathAkAma ]

( yáthā- ), mfn. conformable to desire cf. ŚBr.

acting according to wish cf. Hcat

( -kā'mam cf. RV.

-kāmám cf. ŚBr ) ind. according to wish, as one likes, at pleasure, easily, comfortably cf. RV. etc.

-cāra n. action according to pleasure or without control cf. ChUp.

-jyeya mfn. to be oppressed at pleasure cf. AitBr.

-prayāpya mfn. to be sent away at pleasure cf. ib.

-vadhya mfn. to be chastised or punished at pleasure cf. ib.

-vicārin mfn. roaming at pleasure cf. MBh. cf. R.

°mârcitârthin mfn. honouring suppliants by conforming to their desires cf. Ragh

yáthā-kāmin [ yathAkAmin ]

mfn. acting according to will or pleasure ( °mi-tva n. ) cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Śaṃk. on cf. AitUp. cf. Yājñ.

yáthā-kāmya [ yathAkAmya ]

n. w.r. for yāthāk°, q.v. cf. Pāṇ. 8-1, 66 cf. Vārtt. 1

yáthā-kāyam [ yathAkAyam ]

ind. ' according to body or form ', according to the dimensions ( of the Yūpa ) cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-kāram [ yathAkAram ]

ind. in such a way, in whatever way cf. Pāṇ. 3-4, 28

yáthā-kārín [ yathAkArin ]

mfn. acting in such or in whatever way cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-kārya [ yathAkArya ]

mfn. = -kartavya cf. Hit. cf. Vet

yáthā-kāla [ yathAkAla ]

m. the proper time ( for anything ), suitable moment ( dvitīyo y°, ' the second meal-time ' ) cf. MBh.

ibc. or ( am ), ind. according to time, in due time, at the right or usual time cf. KātyŚr. etc.

-prabodhin mfn. watchful in proper seasons, waking at the right time cf. Ragh

yáthā-kulam [ yathAkulam ]

ind. according to families cf. ĀpGṛ. cf. Comm.

°la-dharmam ind. according to family usage cf. GṛS.

yáthā-kṛta [ yathAkRta ]

mfn. made or done according to rule, in a-y° cf. MBh. cf. VarBṛS.

agreed cf. Yājñ.

( ám ), ind. according to usual practice cf. RV.

as happened cf. Kathās

in the way agreed upon cf. Mn. viii, 183

according as anything has been done cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-kṛṣṭam [ yathAkRSTam ]

ind. according to furrows, furrows after furrows cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-kḷpti [ yathAklRpti ]

ind. in a suitable or fitting way cf. R. ( v.l. -jñapti )

yáthā-kratu [ yathAkratu ]

( yáthā- ), mfn. forming such a plan cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-krama [ yathAkrama ]

( ibc. cf. Kathās. ),

yáthā-kramam [ yathAkramam ]

( cf. Mn. cf. Kāv. etc. ), or ( cf. MaitrUp. cf. VarBṛS. ), ind. according to order, in due succession, successively, respectively

yáthā-krameṇa [ yathAkrameNa ]

( cf. MaitrUp. cf. VarBṛS. ), ind. according to order, in due succession, successively, respectively

yáthā-kriyamāṇa [ yathAkriyamANa ]

mf ( ā ) n. ' as being done ', usual, customary cf. Hcar.

yáthā-krośam [ yathAkrozam ]

ind. according to the number of Krośas cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-kṣamam [ yathAkSamam ]

ind. according to power or ability, as much as possible cf. Kathās

yáthā-kṣaram [ yathAkSaram ]

( °thâk° ), ind. according to syllables, syllables after syllables cf. SaṃhUp.

yáthā-kṣipram [ yathAkSipram ]

ind. as quickly as possible cf. R.

yáthā-kṣemeṇa [ yathAkSemeNa ]

ind. safely, comfortably, peaceably cf. R.

yáthā-khātám [ yathAkhAtam ]

ind. as dug or excavated cf. ŚBr. cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-khelam [ yathAkhelam ]

ind. playfully cf. Vikr

yáthā-khyam [ yathAkhyam ]

( thâkh° ), ind. according to names, as named cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-khyata [ yathAkhyata ]

( °thâkh° ), mfn. as previously told or described or mentioned cf. R. cf. Daś. cf. MārkP.

yáthā-khyānam [ yathAkhyAnam ]

( °tkâkh° ), ind. according to any narrative or statement, as narrated or stated cf. Kathās. -1

yáthā-gata [ yathAgata ]

mfn. as gone, as previously gone cf. MW. -2

yáthā-gata [ yathAgata ]

( °thâg° ), mfn. as come, by the way one came cf. R. cf. Hariv. etc.

as one came ( into the world ), without sense, stupid cf. L. ( cf. - jāta, yathôdgata )

am ( cf. MBh. cf. R. etc. ) or eni ( cf. MBh. ), ind. by the way one came

yáthā-gama [ yathAgama ]

( °thâg° ), mfn. orthodox cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

( am ), ind. according to tradition cf. Āpast. cf. MBh. etc.

yáthā-gamanam [ yathAgamanam ]

( °thâg° ), ind. according to the way in which anything has come or has been found cf. Śak

yáthā-gātram [ yathAgAtram ]

ind. according to every limb, limb after limb cf. Kauś

yáthā-guṇam [ yathAguNam ]

ind. according to qualities or endowments cf. ChUp. cf. Śaṃk. cf. Rājat

yáthā-gṛham [ yathAgRham ]

ind. according to houses ( yānti yathā-g°, they go to their respective homes ) cf. MBh.

yáthā-gṛhītám [ yathAgRhItam ]

ind. just as taken or laid hold of, as come to hand cf. ŚBr. cf. ŚrS.

in the order mentioned cf. RPrāt.

yáthā-gotra-kula-kalpam [ yathAgotrakulakalpam ]

ind. according to the usages of a family or race cf. Gobh

yáthā-gni [ yathAgni ]

( °thâg° ), ind. according to ( the size of ) the fire cf. KātyŚr.

according to the digestive power cf. Car.

yáthā-grahaṇam [ yathAgrahaNam ]

ind. according to any statement, according to what was mentioned cf. ĀśvŚr.

yáthā-ṅgám [ yathAGgam ]

( °thâṅ° ), ind. = -gātram ( q.v. ) cf. AV. cf. ŚBr. cf. GṛŚrS.

yáthā-camasám [ yathAcamasam ]

ind. Camasa after Camasa cf. ŚBr. cf. ŚāṅkhŚr. cf. Vait

yáthā-cāram [ yathAcAram ]

( °thâc° ), ind. according to custom, as usual cf. R. cf. Prayogar. cf. Saṃskārak.

yáthā-cārín [ yathAcArin ]

mfn. as proceeding, as acting cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-citi [ yathAciti ]

ind. layer after layer cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-cittam [ yathAcittam ]

ind. according to a person's thought or will cf. Mālatīm

yáthā-cintita [ yathAcintita ]

mfn. as previously considered cf. Pañcat. cf. VarBṛS. cf. Kathās

°tânnbhāvin mfn. judging by one's own state of mind, Śak :

yáthā-coditam [ yathAcoditam ]

ind. according to precept or injunction cf. ŚrS.

yáthā-chandasam [ yathAchandasam ]

ind. acc. to metre, one metre after another cf. AitBr. cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-janapadam [ yathAjanapadam ]

ind. according to countries cf. ĀpGṛ. cf. Sch.

yáthā-jāta [ yathAjAta ]

mfn. just as born ( ibc. )

stupid. foolish cf. Kād

barbarous, outcast cf. W.

( ám ), ind. according to race or family, furrows by furrows cf. ŚBr.

-rūpa-dhara mfn. stark naked cf. JābālUp.

yáthā-jāti [ yathAjAti ]

ind. according to kind or class, sort by sort cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-jātīyaka [ yathAjAtIyaka ]

mfn. of such a kind of whatever kind cf. Pat. cf. Nyāyad. cf. Sch.

yáthā-joṣam [ yathAjoSam ]

ind. according to will or pleasure, according to one's satisfaction cf. MBh.

yáthā-jñapta [ yathAjJapta ]

( °thâj° ), mfn. as before enjoined, before directed cf. R.

yáthā-jñapti [ yathAjJapti ]

( °thâj° ), ind. according to injunction cf. R.

yáthā-jñānam [ yathAjJAnam ]

ind. according to knowledge to the best of one's knowledge or judgement cf. Gobh. cf. Pañcar.

yáthā-jñeyam [ yathAjJeyam ]

ind. id. cf. Hcat

yáthā-jya-gāna [ yathAjyagAna ]

( °thâj° ), n. a song corresponding to the Ājya cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-jyeṣṭham [ yathAjyeSTham ]

ind. according to the oldest, by seniority, from the oldest to the youngest cf. Lāṭy. cf. Gobh. cf. Pañcat

yáthā-tattva [ yathAtattva ]

ibc. ( cf. MBh. ) or in accordance with truth, according to actual fact, exactly, accurately

yáthā-tattvam [ yathAtattvam ]

ind. ( cf. ib. cf. R. cf. Kathās. ) in accordance with truth, according to actual fact, exactly, accurately

yáthā-tatha [ yathAtatha ]

mfn. conformable to truth or the exact state of the case, right, true, accurate cf. W.

( am ), ind. in conformity with truth or reality, precisely , exactly

as is becoming or proper, fitly, duly cf. MBh. cf. Pur. cf. Kathās

n. a detailed account of events cf. W.

yáthā-tathyam [ yathAtathyam ]

( cf. MBh. cf. R. ) or ( cf. R. cf. Hariv. ), ind. in accordance with the truth, really, truly

yáthā-tathyena [ yathAtathyena ]

( cf. R. cf. Hariv. ), ind. in accordance with the truth, really, truly

yáthā-tṛpti [ yathAtRpti ]

ind. to the heart's content cf. MW.

yáthā-tmaka [ yathAtmaka ]

( °thât° ), mfn. conformable to or having whatever nature cf. Pañcar.

yáthā-datta [ yathAdatta ]

mfn. as given cf. R.

yáthā-dadhi-bhakṣam [ yathAdadhibhakSam ]

ind. according to the Dadhi-bhaksha cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-darśana [ yathAdarzana ]

ibc., or according to every occurrence, in every single case cf. Sāh

yáthā-darśanam [ yathAdarzanam ]

ind. according to every occurrence, in every single case cf. Sāh

yáthā-darśitam [ yathAdarzitam ]

ind. as has been shown cf. Mālav

yáthā-dāyam [ yathAdAyam ]

ind. according to shares or portions cf. BhP.

yáthā-dik [ yathAdik ]

( cf. ĀśvGṛ. cf. VarBṛS. ) or ( cf. MBh. cf. Var. cf. BhP. ), ind. according to the quarters of the compass

yáthā-diśam [ yathAdizam ]

( cf. MBh. cf. Var. cf. BhP. ), ind. according to the quarters of the compass

in all directions cf. MW.

yáthā-diṣṭa [ yathAdiSTa ]

( °thâd° ), mfn. corresponding to what has been enjoined or directed cf. R. cf. Kathās

( ám ), ind. according to a direction or injunction cf. ŚBr. cf. Kauś. cf. RPrāt.

yáthā-dīkṣam [ yathAdIkSam ]

ind. according to the prescribed observances cf. MBh.

yáthā-dṛṣṭam [ yathAdRSTam ]

( cf. Mn. cf. Kathās. ) or ( cf. Cat. ), ind. as seen or observed

yáthā-dṛṣṭi [ yathAdRSTi ]

( cf. Cat. ), ind. as seen or observed

yáthā-devatám [ yathAdevatam ]

ind. deity after deity cf. TS. cf. Br. -1

yáthā-desam [ yathAdesam ]

ind. according to places cf. ŚrS. cf. Mn. cf. BhP.

-śakāla-dehâvasthāna-viśeṣam ind. according to differences of place, time, and bodily constitution cf. BhP. -2

yáthā-deśam [ yathAdezam ]

( °thâd° ), ind. according to direction or injunction cf. GṛŚrS. cf. BhP.

yáthā-doṣam [ yathAdoSam ]

ind. according to damage cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Comm.

yáthā-dravya [ yathAdravya ]

mfn. according to property, according to the kinds of wealth cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-dharmám [ yathAdharmam ]

ind. acc. to duty or right, in proper form or order cf. ŚBr. cf. R. etc.

according to nature or character, cf. Śulbas

yáthā-dhikāra [ yathAdhikAra ]

( °thâdh° ), ibc. according to office or rank or position cf. Jātakam

according to authority cf. BhP.

( am ), ind. according to authṭauthority, Gatit

yáthā-dhiṣṇyám [ yathAdhiSNyam ]

ind. according to the position or arrangement of the Dhishṇya cf. ŚBr. cf. Vait

yáthā-dhîta [ yathAdhIta ]

( °thâdh° ) mfn. as read, conformable to the text

( am ), ind. according to the text cf. Lāṭy. cf. BhP.

yáthā-dhyāpakam [ yathAdhyApakam ]

( °thâdh° ), ind. according to a teacher, agreeably to a time's instructions cf. Pāṇ. 2-1, 7 cf. Sch.

yáthā-nāma [ yathAnAma ]

mf ( ā ) n. having whatever name cf. ĀpŚr.

( °má ), ind. name by name cf. AV.

yáthā-nārada-bhāṣita [ yathAnAradabhASita ]

mf ( ā ) n. being just as Nārada announced cf. BhP.

yáthā-niḥsṛptam [ yathAniHsRptam ]

ind. as gone forth or out cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-nikāyam [ yathAnikAyam ]

ind. according to the body cf. ŚvetUp.

yáthā-niruptam [ yathAniruptam ]

ind. as scattered or offered cf. GṛS.

yáthā-nirdiṣṭa [ yathAnirdiSTa ]

mfn. as mentioned or described or directed cf. Kāv

yáthā-nilayam [ yathAnilayam ]

ind. each in its own resting-place or lair cf. R.

yáthā-nivāsin [ yathAnivAsin ]

mfn. wherever dwelling or abiding cf. R.

yáthā-niveśam [ yathAnivezam ]

ind. each in his own dwelling-place cf. R.

yáthā-niśāntam [ yathAnizAntam ]

ind. in the received or usual manner cf. ĀśvŚr.

yáthā-nīkam [ yathAnIkam ]

( °thân° ), ind. according to the extent of the army, as far as the host extended cf. MW.

yáthā-nupūrvam [ yathAnupUrvam ]

( °thân° cf. BhP. ) ind., or ( °thân° cf. KātyŚr. ) ibc., or ( °thân° cf. KātyŚr. ) ibc., or ( cf. VarBṛS. ), ind. according to a regular series, successively, respectively

yáthā-nupūrvya [ yathAnupUrvya ]

( °thân° cf. KātyŚr. ) ibc., or ( cf. VarBṛS. ), ind. according to a regular series, successively, respectively

yáthā-nupūrvyā [ yathAnupUrvyA ]

( cf. VarBṛS. ), ind. according to a regular series, successively, respectively

yáthā-nubhūtam [ yathAnubhUtam ]

( °thân° ), ind. according to experience cf. R. cf. BhP.

yáthā-nurūpam [ yathAnurUpam ]

( °thân° ), ind. according to form or rule, in exact conformity cf. VarBṛS. cf. Kathās

yáthā-ntaram [ yathAntaram ]

( °thân° ), ind. according to the intermediate space cf. Kauś

yáthā-nyastam [ yathAnyastam ]

ind. as deposited cf. Mn.

yáthā-nyāyam [ yathAnyAyam ]

ind. according to rule or justice, rightly, fitly cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

yáthā-nyāsam [ yathAnyAsam ]

ind. according to the text of a Sūtra, as written down cf. Pat.

yáthā-nyupta [ yathAnyupta ]

mfn. as placed on the ground or offered cf. Mn. iii , 218

( ám ), ind. throw by throw cf. TBr. cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-paṇyam [ yathApaNyam ]

ind. according to the ( value or kind of the ) commodities cf. Mn. viii, 398

yáthā-padam [ yathApadam ]

ind. according to word, word by word cf. RPrāt.

yáthā-param [ yathAparam ]

ind. ( prob. ) as otherwise cf. MBh.

yáthā-parādham [ yathAparAdham ]

( °thâp° ), ind. according to the offence cf. BhP.

°dha-daṇḍa mfn. inflicting punishment in proportion to the crime cf. Ragh

yáthā-paridhi [ yathAparidhi ]

ind. Paridhi after Paridhi, MānSr

yáthā-parilikhitam [ yathAparilikhitam ]

ind. according to the outline or sketch cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-parīttam [ yathAparIttam ]

ind. as delivered up cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

yáthā-parú [ yathAparu ]

ind. joint after joint, limb by line cf. AV. cf. Kauś

yáthā-paryukṣitam [ yathAparyukSitam ]

ind. as sprinkled cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-parva [ yathAparva ]

ind. according to each Parvan cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-pāṭha [ yathApATha ]

mfn. conformable to the enumeration or recitation cf. VarBṛS. cf. Sch.

( am ), ind. according to the recitation cf. MBh.

yáthā-puṃsam [ yathApuMsam ]

ind. man by man cf. ĀpGṛ. cf. Sch.

yáthā-puram [ yathApuram ]

ind. as before cf. GopBr. cf. GṛŚrS. etc.

yáthā-puruṣam [ yathApuruSam ]

ind. man by man cf. L.

yáthā-pūrva [ yathApUrva ]

mfn. being as before ( -tva n. ) cf. Kāṭh. cf. Ragh

( ám ), ind. in succession, one after another cf. RV. cf. TS. cf. Br. etc.

as before, as previously cf. R. cf. Pañcat. cf. BhP.

yáthā-pūrvaka [ yathApUrvaka ]


yáthā-pūrvakam [ yathApUrvakam ]

ind. = -pūrva, °vam cf. A.

yáthā-pṛṣṭhya [ yathApRSThya ]

mfn. conformable to the Pṛshṭhya cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-paurāṇa [ yathApaurANa ]

mfn. being as before, in the former state cf. Jātakam

yáthā-prakṛti [ yathAprakRti ]

ind. according to a scheme or rule cf. ŚrS.

yáthā-prajñam [ yathAprajJam ]

ind. according to knowledge cf. Cat.

yáthā-pratiguṇam [ yathApratiguNam ]

( cf. MW. ) or ( cf. Hariv. ), ind. according to qualities, to the best of one's abilities

yáthā-pratiguṇais [ yathApratiguNais ]

( cf. Hariv. ), ind. according to qualities, to the best of one's abilities

yáthā-pratijñam [ yathApratijJam ]

ind. according to promise or agreement cf. MBh.

( ābhis ), ind. according to agreement, as arranged cf. MBh.

yáthā-pratirūpám [ yathApratirUpam ]

ind. as is suitable or fitting cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-pratyakṣa-darśanam [ yathApratyakSadarzanam ]

ind. as if in one's view, as if one saw it with one's eyes cf. MBh.

yáthā-pratyarham [ yathApratyarham ]

ind. according to merit cf. Buddh.

yáthā-pradānam [ yathApradAnam ]

ind. in the same order as the offering ( was made ) cf. Jaim

yáthā-pradiṣṭam [ yathApradiSTam ]

ind. according to precept, as suitable or proper cf. R.

yáthā-pradeśam [ yathApradezam ]

ind. according to place, in a suitable or proper pleasure cf. Kālid. cf. Pañcad

on all sides cf. R.

= -pradiṣṭam above cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

yáthā-pradhānam [ yathApradhAnam ]

ind. according to precedence or superiority or rank cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ. cf. MBh. etc.

according to size cf. Kād

°na-tas ind. acc. to precedence etc. cf. Hariv.

yáthā-prapannam [ yathAprapannam ]

ind. as each one entered cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-prabhā'vam [ yathAprabhAvam ]

ind. according to strength or power cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-prayogam [ yathAprayogam ]

ind. according to usage or practice cf. TPrāt. cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Comm.

yáthā-pravṛtam [ yathApravRtam ]

ind. as chosen cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-praveśam [ yathApravezam ]

ind. accord. as each one entered cf. Daś

yáthā-praśnam [ yathApraznam ]

ind. according to the questions cf. BhP. cf. Suśr.

yáthā-prasṛptam [ yathAprasRptam ]

ind. as each one crept in cf. ĀśvŚr.

yáthā-prastaram [ yathAprastaram ]

ind. as in the Prastara cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-prastāvam [ yathAprastAvam ]

ind. on the first suitable occasion cf. Jātakam

yáthā-prastutam [ yathAprastutam ]

ind. as already begun or commenced, at last, at length cf. Mālatīm

conformably to the circumstances cf. MW.

yáthā-prâṇam [ yathAprANam ]

( cf. MBh. ) or ( cf. R. ), ind. with the whole soul, with all one's might

yáthā-prâṇena [ yathAprANena ]

( cf. R. ), ind. with the whole soul, with all one's might

yáthā-prâpta [ yathAprApta ]

mf ( ā ) n. as met with, the first that is met or occurs cf. Kād

in conformity with a partic. state, suitable or conformable to circumstances cf. R. cf. Hit.

following from a previous grammatical rule cf. Kāś. on cf. Pāṇ. 3-2, 135

( am ), ind. in conformity with a previous rule, regularly cf. Kāś. on cf. Pāṇ. 3-2, 108

°ta-svara, in. a regular accent cf. Anup.

yáthā-prâpti [ yathAprApti ]

mfn. w.r. for -prâpta cf. R.

yáthā-prârthitam [ yathAprArthitam ]

ind. as desired, according to wish cf. Ragh

yáthā-prâśu [ yathAprAzu ]

ind. as quickly as possible cf. ĀpŚr.

yáthā-prīti [ yathAprIti ]

mfn. in accordance with love or affection cf. MBh.

yáthā-prêṣitam [ yathApreSitam ]

ind. accord. as called upon or invited to take part ( in liturgical ceremonies ) cf. ŚrS.

yáthā-praˆiṣam [ yathApraiSam ]

ind. id. cf. Vait

yáthā-phalam [ yathAphalam ]

ind. according to fruit cf. Pañcat.

yáthā-balám [ yathAbalam ]

ind. according to power, with all one's might cf. AV. cf. MBh. etc.

in relation to power cf. R.

according to the ( condition of the ) army, according to the ( number of ) forces cf. Mn. cf. Kām

yáthā-bījam [ yathAbIjam ]

ind. according to the seed or germ cf. Mn. cf. BhP.

yáthā-buddhi [ yathAbuddhi ]

ind. according to knowledge, to the best of one's judgment cf. R.

yáthā-bhaktyā [ yathAbhaktyA ]

( instr. of bhakti ), ind. with entire devotion cf. BhP.

yáthā-bhakṣitam [ yathAbhakSitam ]

ind. as eaten cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-bhavanam [ yathAbhavanam ]

ind. according to houses, house by house cf. VarBṛS.

yáthā-bhāgám [ yathAbhAgam ]

ind. according to shares or portions, each according to his share cf. AV. cf. VS. etc.

each in his respective place or in the proper pleasure cf. MBh. cf. Ragh

gaśas ind. = °gam cf. A.

yáthā-bhājanam [ yathAbhAjanam ]

ind. each in his proper place or position cf. AitBr.

yáthā-bhāva [ yathAbhAva ]

m. proper condition or relation cf. Mn. cf. Kull. on cf. Mn. viii, 95

conformity to any destined state, destiny cf. R.

mfn. having whatever nature cf. BhP.

yáthā-bhikāmam [ yathAbhikAmam ]

( °thâbh° ), ind. according to wish or desire cf. BhP.

yáthā-bhijñāya [ yathAbhijJAya ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as desired cf. Car.

( °jñā'yam ), ind. as perceived or ascertained cf. TBr.

yáthā-bhiniviṣṭa [ yathAbhiniviSTa ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as acknowledged by each cf. Jātakam

yáthā-bhiprêta [ yathAbhipreta ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as wished or intended or desired, a-y°

( am ), ind. according to one's ( gen. ) desire or wish cf. Lāṭy. cf. Pañcat. etc.

yáthā-bhimata [ yathAbhimata ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as desired, as pleasing or agreeable to each cf. Hit. cf. Yogas. cf. Kathās

( am ), ind. according to wish or will, at pleasure, wherever desire leads cf. Pañcat. cf. Hit. cf. Kathās

yáthā-bhirāmam [ yathAbhirAmam ]

( °thâbh° ), ind. according to loveliness, according to the degree of loveliness ( belonging to each ) cf. MW.

yáthā-bhirucita [ yathAbhirucita ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. agreeable to taste or liking, agreeable, pleasant cf. Kathās

yáthā-bhirūpam [ yathAbhirUpam ]

( °thâbh° ), ind. = abhirūpasya yogyam cf. Pāṇ. 2-1, 7 cf. Sch.

yáthā-bhilaṣita [ yathAbhilaSita ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as desired cf. R. cf. BhP. etc.

yáthā-bhilikhita [ yathAbhilikhita ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. painted or written in the manner stated cf. VarBṛS.

yáthā-bhivṛṣṭam [ yathAbhivRSTam ]

( °thâbh° ), ind. as far as it has rained cf. ib.

yáthā-bhihitam [ yathAbhihitam ]

( °thâbh° ), ind. as spoken cf. MW.

yáthā-bhîṣṭa [ yathAbhISTa ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as liked or desired ( °ṭa-diśaṃ jagmuḥ, they went to the quarter that each wished ) cf. Pañcat. cf. Kathās

yáthā-bhūtam [ yathAbhUtam ]

ind. in accordance with fact, according to what has happened, according to the truth cf. MBh. cf. Lalit.

°tadarśin mfn. looking at things as they are cf. L.

yáthā-bhūmi [ yathAbhUmi ]

ind. in or into the respective country ( of each ) cf. Kād. ( w.r. °mim )

yáthā-bhūyas [ yathAbhUyas ]

ind. according to seniority cf. Viṣṇ

°yaso-vāda m. a general rule cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-bhyarthita [ yathAbhyarthita ]

( °thâbh° ), mfn. as previously asked for cf. Śak

yáthā-maṅgalam [ yathAmaGgalam ]

ind. according to custom cf. PārGṛ.

yáthā-mati [ yathAmati ]

ind. according to opinion, as seems fit to ( gen. ) cf. R.

to the best of one's judgement cf. TPrāt. cf. BhP. cf. Vedântas

yáthā-manasam [ yathAmanasam ]

ind. to the heart's content cf. Āpast

yáthā-manīṣitam [ yathAmanISitam ]

ind. according to wish cf. Hariv.

yáthā-mantra-varṇam [ yathAmantravarNam ]

ind. according to the words of a formula or hymn cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-mātram [ yathAmAtram ]

ind., a-y°

yáthā-mānam [ yathAmAnam ]

ind. according to a partic. measure or dimension cf. MBh.

yáthā-mukham [ yathAmukham ]

ind. from face to furrows cf. Pāṇ. 5- 2, 6

yáthā-mukhīna [ yathAmukhIna ]

mfn. looking straight at ( gen. ) cf. Bhatt. ( cf. Pāṇ. cf. ib. )

yáthā-mukhyam [ yathAmukhyam ]

ind. according to the chief persons, with respect to the chief persons cf. MBh.

( ena ), ind. acc. to precedence above or before all, chiefly cf. ib.

yáthā-mūlya [ yathAmUlya ]

mfn. worth the price, accordant with the price or value cf. Hcat

yáthā-mnātam [ yathAmnAtam ]

( °thâm° cf. KātyŚr. cf. BhP. ) or ( cf. Lāṭy. cf. BhP. ), ind. as handed down or in accordance with sacred tradition, according to the tenor of the sacred text

yáthā-mnāyam [ yathAmnAyam ]

( cf. Lāṭy. cf. BhP. ), ind. as handed down or in accordance with sacred tradition, according to the tenor of the sacred text

yáthā-yajús [ yathAyajus ]

ind. according to the Yajus cf. TS. cf. TBr.

yáthā-yatanám [ yathAyatanam ]

( °thây° ), ind. each in his own place or abode cf. TS. cf. ŚBr. cf. Up.

( ā't ), ind. each from his own pleasure cf. TS. cf. TBr.

yáthā-yathám [ yathAyatham ]

ind. ( fr. yathā + yathā ) in a proper manner, as is fit or proper, rightly, suitably, fitly

one after another, by degrees, gradually cf. AV. cf. TS. etc.

yáthā-yācita [ yathAyAcita ]

mfn. according as asked for cf. Siṉhâs

yáthā-yukta [ yathAyukta ]

mfn. as joined cf. TPrāt.

directed to ( loc. ), concerning cf. MBh.

( am ), ind. = next cf. Kathās

yáthā-yukti [ yathAyukti ]

or ind. according to circumstances cf. VarBṛS.

yáthā-yukti-tas [ yathAyuktitas ]

ind. according to circumstances cf. VarBṛS.

yáthā-yūtham [ yathAyUtham ]

ind. according to the herds ' cf. Hariv.

yáthā-yūpam [ yathAyUpam ]

ind. according to the Yūpas cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-yogam [ yathAyogam ]

( cf. KātyŚr. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc. ) or ( cf. Kām. ) , ind. as is fit, according to circumstances, according to requirements

yáthā-yogena [ yathAyogena ]

( cf. Kām. ), ind. as is fit, according to circumstances, according to requirements

in due order cf. MW.

( am ), ind. according to usage, as hitherto, usual cf. MBh.

yáthā-yogya [ yathAyogya ]

mfn. consonant with propriety cf. MW.

( am ), ind. suitably, properly, fitly cf. Hit.

yáthā-yoni [ yathAyoni ]

ind. according to the womb cf. BhP.

in the original manner cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-rabdha [ yathArabdha ]

( °thâr° ), mfn. as previously begun, Vāyup

yáthā-rambham [ yathArambham ]

( °thâr° ), ind. according to the beginning , in the same order or succession cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-rasam [ yathArasam ]

ind. according to the sentiments cf. Mālav

yáthā-rucam [ yathArucam ]

ind. according to taste or liking cf. BhP.

yáthā-ruci [ yathAruci ]

ind. according to pleasure or liking, according to taste cf. BhP. cf. Sāh. cf. Kathās.

yáthā-rūpa [ yathArUpa ]

mf ( ā ) n. as constituted cf. Lāṭy

of whatever form, of a corresponding form or appearance, extremely beautiful cf. MBh. cf. R.

exceedingly great cf. R.

( am ), ind. in a suitable way, properly, duly cf. ŚBr. cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ. cf. BhP.

according to the form or appearance, of the same furrows or appearance cf. BhP.

yáthā-rtha [ yathArtha ]

( °thâr° ), mf ( ā ) n. accordant with reality, conformable to truth or the true meaning, true, genuine, right ( with svapna m. a dream which is fulfilled

with janman n. a life in the true meaning of the word ) cf. Kāv. cf. Pañcat. etc.

ibc. or ( ám ), ind. according to the aim or object, suitably, fitly cf. ŚBr. cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Nir

according to pleasure or liking cf. GṛŚrS. cf. RPrāt. cf. Drāhy

according to truth or fact, truly, really cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

-kṛtanāman mfn. appropriately named cf. R.

-tattvam ind. in accordance with truth or reality cf. MBh.

-tas ind. id. cf. Hariv. cf. R. cf. AṣṭāvS.

-tā f. suitableness, rectitude, accordance of a name with its meaning cf. Kir. cf. Kathās

-nāmaka mfn. having an appropriate name ( -tva n. ) cf. Kir. cf. Sch.

-nāman mfn. id. cf. Kāv. etc.

-bhāṣin mfn. speaking fitly or truly cf. Ragh

-mañjarī f. N. of wk.

-varṇa m. ' having a true colour or appearance ', a spy, secret emissary cf. MW. ( cf. -rha-v° )

°rthâkṣara mfn. having letters expressive of the true sense cf. Vikr

°rthâkhya mfn. having an appropriate name cf. Kathās

yáthā-rthaka [ yathArthaka ]

( °thâr° ), mfn. right, true, real ( with svapna m. a dream which is fulfilled ) cf. Kathās

yáthā-rthita [ yathArthita ]

( °thâr° ), mfn. as asked, as previously asked for cf. ib.

yáthā-rthi-tvam [ yathArthitvam ]

( °thâr° ), ind. according to design or purpose cf. Sāh

yáthā-rpita [ yathArpita ]

( °thâr° ), mfn. as delivered cf. Yājñ.

yáthā-rṣam [ yathArSam ]

( °thâr° ), ind. according to divine descent (  ? ) cf. MānŚr. ( prob. w.r. for yathârtham q.v. )

yáthā-rha [ yathArha ]

( °thâr° ), mfn. as deserving, having suitable dignity cf. MBh.

accordant with merit or deserts, as is fit or right, appropriate cf. R. cf. Kathās

ibc. or ( am ), ind. according to merit or dignity or worth , suitably, fitly ( -kṛta-pūja mfn. honoured according to merit ) cf. Kauś. cf. PārGṛ. cf. Mn. etc.

-tas ind. according to worth or merit, as is proper or suitable, justly cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

-varṇa m. ' having a suitable appearance ', a spy, secret agent cf. L.

yáthā-rhaṇam [ yathArhaNam ]

( °thâr° ), ind. according to merit or worth cf. BhP.

yáthā-labdha [ yathAlabdha ]

mfn. as obtained or met with, as actually in hand cf. R. cf. Kathās

yáthā-lābha [ yathAlAbha ]

( ibc. ), according to what is met with, just as it happens to occur cf. Yājñ.

( am ), ind. id. cf. ib. cf. VarBṛS. etc.

according to gain or profit cf. MW.

yáthā-likhitânubhāvin [ yathAlikhitAnubhAvin ]

( °thâl° ), mfn. perceiving that anything is ( only ) painted cf. Śak

yáthā-liṅgam [ yathAliGgam ]

ind. according to the characteristic marks or tokens, according to the characteristic words cf. GṛŚrS.

yáthā-lokám [ yathAlokam ]

ind. according to room or place, each in its respective pleasure ( also -loka ibc. ) cf. AV. cf. MaitrS. etc.

yáthā-vakāśám [ yathAvakAzam ]

( °thâv° ), ind. according to room or space cf. TBr. cf. GṛS. cf. RPrāt.

in the proper place cf. Ragh

according to opportunity, on the first opportunity cf. Hit.

yáthā-vacanam [ yathAvacanam ]

ind. according to the statement or word expressed cf. Nir

°na-kārin mfn. performing any one's orders, obedient cf. R.

yáthā-vat [ yathAvat ]

ind. duly, properly, rightly, suitably, exactly cf. RPrāt. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

as, like ( = yathā ) cf. MārkP.

-vad-grahaṇa n. right comprehension cf. Sarvad

yáthā-vattam [ yathAvattam ]

( °thâv° ), ind. ( avatta p.p. of ava-√ do ) as cut off cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-vadānam [ yathAvadAnam ]

( °thâv° ), ind. part by part, portion by portion cf. MānŚr.

yáthā-vaniktam [ yathAvaniktam ]

( °thâv° ), ind. as cleansed cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-vabhṛtham [ yathAvabhRtham ]

( °thâv° ), ind. according to the Avabhṛtha cf. ib.

yáthā-vayas [ yathAvayas ]

ind. according to age cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. R. cf. BhP.

of the same age cf. BhP.

yáthā-vayasam [ yathAvayasam ]

ind. according to age cf. Lāṭy. cf. Gobh

yáthā-varṇam [ yathAvarNam ]

ind. according to caste cf. BhP. cf. Vait

°ṇa-vidhānam ind. according to the rules or laws of caste cf. BhP.

yáthā-vaśám [ yathAvazam ]

ind. according to pleasure or inclination cf. RV. cf. AV.

yáthā-vaṣaṭ-kāram [ yathAvaSaTkAram ]

ind. according to the Vashaṭ- kāra cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-vasaram [ yathAvasaram ]

( °thâv° ), ind. according to opportunity, on every occasion cf. Hit.

yáthā-vastu [ yathAvastu ]

ind. according to the state of the matter, precisely, accurately cf. Prab. cf. Kathās

yáthā-vastham [ yathAvastham ]

( °thâv° ), ind. according to state or condition, whenever the same circumstances occur cf. Sāh. cf. Kathās

yáthā-vasthitârtha-kathana [ yathAvasthitArthakathana ]

( °thâv° ), n. the representation of a matter as it is in reality cf. Yājñ. cf. Sch.

yáthā-vāsa [ yathAvAsa ]

m. N. of a man cf. MBh.

yáthā-vāsam [ yathAvAsam ]

( °thâv° ), ind. each to his own abode cf. R.

yáthā-vāstu [ yathAvAstu ]

ind. in accordance with the site or ground cf. BhP.

yáthā-vitānam [ yathAvitAnam ]

ind. according to the Vitānas cf. Kauś

yáthā-vittam [ yathAvittam ]

ind. according to what is found cf. AitBr.

according to possession, in proportion to substance cf. BhP.

°tânusāram or °reṇa ind. according to one's circumstances or means cf. Hcat

yáthā-vidyam [ yathAvidyam ]

ind. according to knowledge cf. KaushUp.

yáthā-vidha [ yathAvidha ]

mfn. of whatever kind or sort ( = Lat. qualis ) cf. MBh. cf. Ragh

of such a kind or sort, such as cf. MW.

yáthā-vidhānam [ yathAvidhAnam ]

( cf. Pañcar. ) or

yáthā-vidhānena [ yathAvidhAnena ]

( cf. Yājñ. ), ind. according to prescription or rule

yáthā-vidhi [ yathAvidhi ]

ind. id. cf. Kauś. cf. Mn. etc. ( °dhim, m. c. cf. Hariv. )

fitly, suitably, acc. to the merit of ( gen. ) cf. R.

yáthā-viniyogam [ yathAviniyogam ]

ind. in the succession or order stated cf. Nyāyas. cf. Sch.

yáthā-vibhava [ yathAvibhava ]

ibc. ( cf. Pañcat. ) or according to property or resources

yáthā-vibhavam [ yathAvibhavam ]

ind. ( cf. MārkP. cf. Hcat. ) according to property or resources

vibhava-tas, -mānena, -vistaram, -vistarais, - vistāram or -sambhavāt ind. id. cf. Hcat

yáthā-vibhāgam [ yathAvibhAgam ]

ind. acc. to share or portion cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

yáthā-viṣayam [ yathAviSayam ]

ind. according to the subject or point under discussion cf. Kāś

yáthā-vīrya [ yathAvIrya ]

mfn. of whatever strength cf. MBh.

( am ), ind. according to strength or vigour, in respect of manliness or courage cf. R. cf. BhP.

yáthā-vṛtta [ yathAvRtta ]

mfn. as happened or occurred, as ensued cf. R.

as behaving or conducting one's self cf. Mn. cf. MBh.

n. a previous occurrence or event cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Kathās

the circumstances or details of an event cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

ibc. or ( am ), ind. according to the circumstances of an event, as anything happened, circumstantially cf. ib.

according to the metre cf. Piṅg

°ttânta m. n. an event or adventure cf. Hcar. cf. Kathās

yáthā-vṛtti [ yathAvRtti ]

ind. in respect to way or mode of living or subsistence cf. MBh.

yáthā-vṛddha [ yathAvRddha ]

ibc. or according to age or seniority cf. R. cf. Kum

yáthā-vṛddham [ yathAvRddham ]

ind. according to age or seniority cf. R. cf. Kum

yáthā-vṛddhi [ yathAvRddhi ]

ind. according to the increase ( of the moon ) cf. R.

yáthā-vedam [ yathAvedam ]

ind. according to the Veda cf. KātyŚr. cf. Vait

yáthā-vedi [ yathAvedi ]

ind. according to the Vedi of each cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-vyavasitam [ yathAvyavasitam ]

ind. as has been determined cf. Mṛcch

yáthā-vyavahāram [ yathAvyavahAram ]

ind. according to usage cf. Hit.

yáthā-vyādhi [ yathAvyAdhi ]

ind. according to the ( nature of a ) disease cf. Malamāsat

yáthā-vyutpatti [ yathAvyutpatti ]

ind. according to the degree of education or culture cf. Sāh

according to the derivation or etymology cf. MW.

yáthā-śakti [ yathAzakti ]

( cf. GṛŚrS. etc. ) or ( cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. etc. ), ind. according to power or ability, to the utmost of one's power

yáthā-śaktyā [ yathAzaktyA ]

( cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. etc. ), ind. according to power or ability, to the utmost of one's power

yáthā-śayam [ yathAzayam ]

( °thâś° ), ind. according to intention or wish cf. BhP. cf. Rājat

according to stipulation or presumption cf. BhP.

yáthā-śarīrám [ yathAzarIram ]

ind. body by body cf. TBr.

yáthā-śāstra [ yathAzAstra ]

ibc. ( cf. Mn. cf. ChUp. cf. Śaṃk. ) or according to precept or rule, according to the codes of law

yáthā-śāstram [ yathAzAstram ]

ind. cf. Mn. etc. ) according to precept or rule, according to the codes of law

°rânusārin mfn. observing the Śāstras, following the precepts of the sacred book cf. MW.

yáthā-śiṣam [ yathAziSam ]

( °thâś° ), ind. according to the prayer cf. Lāṭy

yáthā-śīlam [ yathAzIlam ]

ind. in conformity with character cf. BhP.

yáthā-śobham [ yathAzobham ]

ind. so that it has a good appearance cf. Hcat

yáthā-śraddhám [ yathAzraddham ]

ind. according to inclination cf. Br. cf. KātyŚr. etc.

according to faith, in all faith or fidelity, confidently cf. MW.

yáthā-śramam [ yathAzramam ]

( °thâś° ), ind. according to the period of life ( āśrama ) cf. BhP.

yáthā-śrayam [ yathAzrayam ]

( °thâś° ), ind. in respect of or in regard to the connection cf. MBh. cf. Kathās

yáthā-śraddham [ yathAzraddham ]

ind. according to the Śrāddha ( q.v. ) cf. Kauś

yáthā-śruta [ yathAzruta ]

mfn. corresponding to ( what has been ) heard, agreeing with a report cf. Kathās

n. a relative tradition cf. ChUp. cf. Śaṃk

( am ), ind. as heard, acc. to report cf. Mn. cf. Pur. cf. Kathās

according to knowledge cf. KaṭhUp. cf. BhP.

according to Vedic precept cf. Śak. ( w.r. for next )

yáthā-śruti [ yathAzruti ]

ind. according to the precepts of the sacred books cf. Śak. cf. Cat.

yáthā-śreṣṭhám [ yathAzreSTham ]

ind. in order of merit, so that the best is placed first, in order of precedence cf. ŚBr. cf. Hariv.

yáthā-ślakṣṇa [ yathAzlakSNa ]

mfn. pl. be having in such a way as that the weaker is placed first cf. Āryabh

yáthā-saṃvṛttam [ yathAsaMvRttam ]

ind. as has happened cf. Mṛcch

yáthā-saṃvedam [ yathAsaMvedam ]

ind. according to agreement or stipulation cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-saṃstham [ yathAsaMstham ]

ind. according to circumstances cf. BhP.

yáthā-saṃhitam [ yathAsaMhitam ]

ind. according to the Saṃhitā, Rprāt

yáthā-sakhyam [ yathAsakhyam ]

ind. according to friendship cf. BhP.

yáthā-saṃkalpam [ yathAsaMkalpam ]

ind. according to wish cf. MBh.

yáthā-saṃkalpita [ yathAsaMkalpita ]

mfn. as wished for, fulfilling wishes cf. PraśnUp. cf. Mn.

yáthā-saṃkhya [ yathAsaMkhya ]

n. ' relative enumeration ', ( in rhet. ) N. of a figure ( which separating each verb from its subject so arranges verbs with verbs and subjects with subjects that each may answer to each ) cf. Kpr.

am ( cf. Aprāt. cf. Vprāt. cf. KātyŚr. etc. ) or ena ( cf. BhP. cf. Pāṇ. cf. Sch. ), ind. according to number, number for number ( so that in two series composed of similar number, the several number of one correspond to those of the other, e.g. the first to the first etc. )

yáthā-saṅgam [ yathAsaGgam ]

ind. according to need or exigency, suitably, opportunely cf. MBh.

yáthā-satyam [ yathAsatyam ]

ind. in accordance with truth cf. MBh. cf. R.

yáthā-sanam [ yathAsanam ]

( °thâs° ), ind. each in proper place or seat , accord. to proper position cf. ŚrS. cf. Vas

yáthā-saṃdiṣṭa [ yathAsaMdiSTa ]

mfn. as agreed or directed cf. MW.

( am ), ind. according to direction or order cf. R. cf. Kathās

yáthā-saṃdhi [ yathAsaMdhi ]

ind. according to Saṃdhi, Rprāt

yáthā-sannam [ yathAsannam ]

( °thâs° ), ind. according as any one approaches cf. MBh.

yáthā-sabhakṣam [ yathAsabhakSam ]

ind. in the order of each messmate cf. ĀśvŚr.

yáthā-samayam [ yathAsamayam ]

ind. according to agreement, according to established custom cf. MW.

according to time, at the proper time cf. MBh. cf. Prab

yáthā-samarthitam [ yathAsamarthitam ]

ind. as has been thought good cf. Mālav

yáthā-samānnātam [ yathAsamAnnAtam ]

ind. acc. to what his been mentioned or specified cf. VPrāt.

yáthā-samīhita [ yathAsamIhita ]

mfn. as desired, corresponding to wish cf. Pañcat

( am ), ind. according to wish cf. Ratnâv. ( in Prākṛt )

yáthā-samuditám [ yathAsamuditam ]

ind. as agreed or stipulated cf. ŚBr.

yáthā-sampad [ yathAsampad ]

ind. according to the event, as may happen cf. Kauś

yáthā-samprakīrṇam [ yathAsamprakIrNam ]

ind. as mingled or mixed cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-sampratyayam [ yathAsampratyayam ]

_ ind. according to agreement cf. MBh.

yáthā-sampradāyam [ yathAsampradAyam ]

ind. according to tradition cf. Siddh

yáthā-saṃprêṣitam [ yathAsaMpreSitam ]

ind. as called upon or invited cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-sambandham [ yathAsambandham ]

ind. according to relationship cf. BhP.

yáthā-sambhava [ yathAsambhava ]

mfn. accordant with possibility, as far as possible, compatible cf. Sāh

( am ), ind. compatibly, according to the connexion, respectively cf. VPrāt. cf. Sch. cf. BṛĀrUp. cf. Śaṃk. etc.

yáthā-sambhavin [ yathAsambhavin ]

( cf. Kathās. ) or ( cf. MārkP. ), mfn. as far as possible, compatible or corresponding

yáthā-sambhāvita [ yathAsambhAvita ]

( cf. MārkP. ), mfn. as far as possible, compatible or corresponding

yáthā-sarvam [ yathAsarvam ]

ind. as everything is, in all particulars cf. MBh.

yáthā-savanam [ yathAsavanam ]

ind. acc. to the order of the Savana cf. Vait

according to the time or season cf. BhP.

yáthā-savam [ yathAsavam ]

ind. according to the Sava cf. Kauś

yáthā-sāma [ yathAsAma ]

ind. according to the order of the Sāman cf. AitBr.

yáthā-sāmarthyam [ yathAsAmarthyam ]

ind. according to ability or power cf. MW.

yáthā-sāram [ yathAsAram ]

ind. according to quality or goodness cf. Hariv.

yáthā-siddha [ yathAsiddha ]

mfn. as effected or accomplished cf. MW.

as happening to be prepared cf. R.

yáthā-sukha [ yathAsukha ]

m. the moon cf. L.

( ibc. cf. AV. Prāy. ) or am ( cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc. ), ind. according to ease or pleasure, at ease, at will or pleasure, comfortably, agreeably

°kha-mukha mfn. having the face turned in any direction one pleases cf. Mn. iv, 51

yáthā-sûktam [ yathAsUktam ]

ind. hymn by hymn cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

yáthā-sūkṣma [ yathAsUkSma ]

mfn. pl. behaving in such a way as that the smaller precedes cf. Āryabh

( am ), ind. cf. Kād

yáthā-sūtram [ yathAsUtram ]

ind. according to the Sūtra cf. Baudh.

yáthā-stam [ yathAstam ]

( °thâs° ), ind. each to his respective home cf. MānGṛ.

yáthā-stut [ yathAstut ]

ind. Stut by Stut cf. KātyŚr.

yáthā-stutam [ yathAstutam ]

ind. = -stomam, q.v. cf. ŚrS. cf. Vait

yáthā-stotriyam [ yathAstotriyam ]

ind. according to the order of the Stotriya ( or °yā ) cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yáthā-stomam [ yathAstomam ]

ind. according to the order of the Stoma cf. AitBr. cf. ŚrS.

yáthā-stri [ yathAstri ]

ind. woman by woman cf. ĀpGṛ. cf. Sch.

yáthā-sthāna [ yathAsthAna ]

n. ( only loc. sg. and pl. ) the respective place, the right or proper pleasure cf. R. cf. Pañcar.

mfn. each in proper pleasure cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

( ám ), ind. according to pleasure, each according to the right pleasure cf. TS. cf. Br. etc.

instantly cf. MW.

( e ), ind. as at first cf. Divyâv

yáthā-sthāmá [ yathAsthAma ]

ind. in the proper place ( = -sthānam ) cf. AV.

yáthā-sthita [ yathAsthita ]

mfn. accordant with circumstances, standing properly

right, proper, fit, true cf. MW.

( am ), ind. accord. to the place cf. KātyŚr.

in statu quo cf. MW.

certainly, assuredly cf. BhP. cf. Kathās

yáthā-sthiti [ yathAsthiti ]

ind. according to usage, as on previous occasions cf. Kathās

yáthā-sthūla [ yathAsthUla ]

ibc. ( cf. Car. ) or am, ind. ( cf. MBh. cf. Suśr. cf. Car. ) in the rough, without detail

yáthā-smṛti [ yathAsmRti ]

ind. according to recollection, as called to mind cf. MBh.

according to the precepts of the law-books cf. Śak

yáthā-maya [ yathAmaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. as fixed in the memory cf. Hariv.

yáthā-sva [ yathAsva ]

mf ( ā ) n. each acc. to ( his, her, their ) own , every one possessing his own cf. MBh. cf. Suśr.

ibc. rough ( am ), ind. each on ( his, her, their ) own account, every for himself or in his own way, individually, properly cf. ŚrS. cf. Gaut. cf. MBh. etc.

yáthā-svaram [ yathAsvaram ]

ind. accord. to the sound cf. Vait

yáthā-svaira [ yathAsvaira ]

ibc. or am ind. according to one's inclination or wish, at pleasure, freely cf. MBh.

yáthā-hāra [ yathAhAra ]

( °thâh° ), mfn. eating anything that comes in the way cf. R.

yáthā-hṛtam [ yathAhRtam ]

( °thâh° ), ind. as fetched cf. Lāṭy

yathêkṣitam [ yathekSitam ]

ind. as beheld with one's own eyes cf. Kathās

yathêccha [ yatheccha ]

mfn. agreeable to wish or desire cf. Pañcar.

ibc. ( cf. ib. ) or am ( cf. MBh. cf. Pañcat. etc. ) or ayā ( cf. Pañcat. cf. Kathās. ) or °chakam ( cf. MBh. ), ind. acc. to wish, at will or pleasure, agreeably

yathê'tám [ yathetam ]

( °thā + 1. êta ), ind. as come cf. ŚBr. cf. ŚrS. cf. Bādar

yathêpsayā [ yathepsayA ]

ind. according to wish, at pleasure cf. MBh.

yathêpsita [ yathepsita ]

mfn. agreeable to wish, wished for cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

( am ), ind. according to wish or desire, agreeably, ad libitum cf. ib.

yathêṣṭa [ yatheSTa ]

mfn. agreeable to wish, desired, agreeable ( -tva n. ) cf. Mn. cf. VarBṛS. etc.

ibc. ( cf. Pañcat. cf. Kathās. ) or am ( cf. GṛŚrS. cf. MBh. etc. ), ind. according to wish or inclination, at pleasure, agreeably

( am ), in according to the order of sacrifices cf. KātyŚr. ( in this sense fr. 2. iṣṭa )

-gati mfn. going as one wishes, Righ

-cārin m. a bird cf. L.

-tas ind. according to wish, at pleasure cf. MBh. cf. R.

-saṃcārin mfn. = -gati above cf. ŚārṅgP.

°tâcāra mfn. doing as one likes, unrestrained cf. MW.

°ṭâsana mfn. sitting down as one likes cf. Mn.

yathêṣṭi [ yatheSTi ]

ind. according to the sacrifice called iṣṭi cf. ŚBr.

yathaˆika-divasam [ yathaikadivasam ]

ind. as if it were or had been only one day cf. MBh.

yathaˆitam [ yathaitam ]

ind. = yath'-êtam above cf. ŚāṅkhŚr.

yathôkta [ yathokta ]

mf ( ā ) n. as said or told, previously time or prescribed, above mentioned cf. Kauś. cf. Mn. etc.

ibc. ( cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. R. ) or am ( cf. KātyŚr. cf. Āp. cf. R. etc. ) or ena ( cf. Mn. ), ind. according to what has been stated, as mentioned before, in the above-mentioned way

-vādin mfn. speaking as told, reporting accurately what has been said cf. MBh.

yathôcita [ yathocita ]

mfn. accordant with propriety or equity, fit, suitable, becoming cf. R. cf. Hit. etc.

ibc. ( cf. Kathās. ) or am ind. ( cf. R. cf. BhP. etc. ) suitably, fitly

yathôcchritam [ yathocchritam ]

ind. as raised or erected cf. KātyŚr.

yathôjjitam [ yathojjitam ]

ind. accord. to the victory gained cf. AitBr.

yathôḍham [ yathoDham ]

ind. as led or brought along, in regular order or succession cf. ĀpGṛ.

yathôttara [ yathottara ]

mfn. following in regular order, succeeding one another cf. VarBṛS.

( am ), ind. in regular order or succession, one after another cf. ib. cf. Mn. etc.

yathôtpatti [ yathotpatti ]

ind. according to accomplishment cf. Kauś

yathôtsāha [ yathotsAha ]

mfn. corresponding to power or strength of effort cf. Lāṭy

( am ), ind. according to power, with all one's might, cf. ŚrS. cf. Mn. etc.

yathôdaya [ yathodaya ]

mfn. ( that ) on which anything may follow cf. RPrāt.

( am ), ind. in proportion to one's income, according to means or circumstances cf. BhP. cf. Yājñ.

yathôdita [ yathodita ]

mfn. as said or told previously stated, before mentioned, RPrat. cf. Mn. etc.

( am ), ind. as mentioned before, according to a previous statement cf. Mn. cf. Pur. cf. Kathās

yathôdgata [ yathodgata ]

mfn. as arisen cf. MW.

as one came ( into the world ), without sense, stupid cf. L. ( cf. yathâgata )

yathôdgamana [ yathodgamana ]

ibc. in ascending proportion, the higher the mose cf. Kād

yathôddiṣṭa [ yathoddiSTa ]

mfn. as mentioned or described, as directed by ( instr. ) cf. Mn. cf. R. cf. Śak

( am ), ind. in the manner stated cf. R.

yathôddesam [ yathoddesam ]

ind. according to direction cf. MBh. cf. R. : cf. Hariv.

yathôdbhavam [ yathodbhavam ]

ind. according to origin cf. BhP.

yathôpakīrṇám [ yathopakIrNam ]

ind. as strewed or scattered down cf. ŚBr.

yathôpacāram [ yathopacAram ]

ind. as politeness or courtesy requires cf. Jātakam

yathôpajoṣam [ yathopajoSam ]

ind. according to inclination or pleasure cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. BhP.

yathôpadiṣṭa [ yathopadiSTa ]

mfn. as indicated, as before stated cf. R.

( am ), ind. in the manner before mentioned or prescribed cf. R. cf. Pāṇ. 1-4, 12

yathôpadeśam [ yathopadezam ]

ind. according to advice or suggestion, according to precept or instructions cf. KātyŚr. cf. Āp. etc.

yathôpapatti [ yathopapatti ]

ind. according to the event or occasion, as may happen cf. ĀśvŚr.

yathôpapanna [ yathopapanna ]

mfn. just as may happen to be at hand, just as happened, just as occurring, unconstrained, natural cf. MBh. cf. BhP.

yathôpapātam [ yathopapAtam ]

ind. w.r. for next cf. ĀpŚr.

yathôpapādam [ yathopapAdam ]

ind. just as or where anything may occur or happen cf. ŚāṅkhBr. cf. GṛŚrS. ( °pāde ! cf. Kauś. )

yathôpapādin [ yathopapAdin ]

mfn. the first that appears to be the best cf. Kauś

yathôpamā [ yathopamA ]

f. ( in rhet. ) a comparison expressed by yathā cf. MW.

yathôpamuktam [ yathopamuktam ]

ind. as put on cf. KātyŚr.

yathôpayoga [ yathopayoga ]

ibc. ( cf. Kathās. ) or as, ind. ( cf. MārkP. cf. Rājat. ) according to use or need, according to circumstances

yathôpalambham [ yathopalambham ]

ind. just as one happens to lay hold of or set about anything cf. GṛŚrS.

yathôpasthitam [ yathopasthitam ]

ind. as come to or approached cf. Lāṭy

yathôpasmārám [ yathopasmAram ]

ind. according to recollection, as one may happen to remember cf. ŚBr.

yathôpâdhi [ yathopAdhi ]

ind. according to the condition or supposition cf. BhP. cf. Comm.

yathôpta [ yathopta ]

mfn. as sown, in proportion to the seed sown cf. Mn.

yathaˆukasám [ yathaukasam ]

ind. each acc. to ( his ) abode cf. AV.

yathaˆucityam [ yathaucityam ]

( cf. Pañcat. cf. Kathās. ) or ( cf. Sāh. ), ind. in a suitable manner, according to propriety, fitly, suitably , duly

yathaˆucityāt [ yathaucityAt ]

( cf. Sāh. ), ind. in a suitable manner, according to propriety, fitly, suitably, duly

 yathā [ yathA ]

yathâṃśa-tas etc. See p. 841, cols. 2 and 3 etc.