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घञ् ghañ pāṇini 3.3.18



yoga [ yoga ]

[ See pp. 856, 858. See below ]

yogya [ yogya ]

See pp. 856, 858. [ See below ]

 yóga [ yoga ]

m. ( √ 1. yuj ; ifc. f. ā ) the act of yoking, joining, attaching, harnessing, putting to ( of horses ), RV. MBh.

a yoke, team, vehicle, conveyance, ŚBr. Kauś. MBh.

employment, use, application, performance, RV. etc.

equipping or arraying ( of an army ), MBh.

fixing ( of an arrow on the bow-string ), ib.

putting on ( of armour ), L.

a remedy, cure, Suśr.

a means, expedient, device, way, manner, method, MBh. Kāv. etc.

a supernatural means, charm, incantation, magical art, ib.

a trick, stratagem, fraud, deceit, Mn. Kathās. ( cf. yoga- nanda )

undertaking, business, work, RV. AV. TS.

acquisition, gain, profit, wealth, property, ib. Kauś. MBh.

occasion, opportunity, Kām. MārkP.

any junction, union, combination, contact with ( instr. with or without saha, or comp. ), MBh. Kāv. etc. ( yogami, to agree, consent, acquiesce in anything, R. )

mixing of various materials, mixture, MBh. R. VarBṛS.

partaking of, possessing ( instr. or comp. ), Mn. R. Hariv.

connection, relation ( yogāt, yogena and yoga-tas, ifc. in consequence of, on account of, by reason of, according to, through ), KātyŚr. ŚvetUp. Mn. etc.

putting together, arrangement, disposition, regular succession, Kāṭh. ŚrS.

fitting together, fitness, propriety, suitability ( yogena and yoga-tas ind. suitably, fitly, duly, in the right manner ), MBh. Kāv. etc.

exertion, endeavour, zeal, diligence, industry, care, attention ( yoga-tas ind. strenuously, assiduously ; pūrṇena yogena, with all one's powers, with overflowing zeal ), Mn. MBh. etc.

application or concentration of the thoughts, abstract contemplation, meditation, ( esp. ) self-concentration, abstract meditation and mental abstraction practised as a system ( as taught by Patañjali and called the Yoga philosophy ; it is the second of the two Sāṃkhya systems, its chief aim being to teach the means by which the human spirit may attain complete union with Îśvara or the Supreme Spirit ; in the practice of self-concentration it is closely connected with Buddhism ), Up. MBh. Kāv. etc. ( IW. 92 )

any simple act or rite conducive to Yoga or abstract meditation, Sarvad.

Yoga personified ( as the son of Dharma and Kriyā ), BhP.

a follower of the Yoga system, MBh. Śaṃk.

( in Sāṃkhya ) the union of soul with matter ( one of the 10 Mūlikârthās or radical facts ), Tattvas.

( with Pāśupatas ) the union of the individual soul with the universal soul, Kulârṇ.

( with Pāñcarātras ) devotion, pious seeking after God, Sarvad.

( with Jainas ) contact or mixing with the outer world, ib.

( in astron. ) conjunction, lucky conjuncture, Lāṭy. VarBṛS. MBh. etc.

a constellation, asterism ( these, with the moon, are called cāndra- yogāḥ and are 13 in number ; without the moon they are called kha-yogāḥ, or nābhasa-yogāḥ ), VarBṛS.

the leading or principal star of a lunar asterism, W.

N. of a variable division of time ( during which the joint motion in longitude of the sun and moon amounts to 13 degrees 20 minutes ; there are 27 such Yogas beginning with Viṣkambha and ending with Vaidhṛti ), ib.

( in arithm. ) addition, sum, total, Sūryas. MBh.

( in gram. ) the connection of words together, syntactical dependence of a word, construction, Nir. Suśr. ( ifc. = dependent on, ruled by, Pāṇ. ii, 2, 8, Vārtt. 1 )

a combined or concentrated grammatical rule or aphorism, Pāṇ. Sch. Siddh. ( cf. yoga-vibhāga )

the connection of a word with its root, original or etymological meaning ( as opp. to rūḍhi, q. v. ), Nir. Pratāp. KātyŚr. Sch.

a violator of confidence, spy, L.

N. of a Sch. on the Paramârthasāra

( ā ), f. N. of a Śakti, Pañcar.

of Pīvarī ( daughter of the Pitṛs called Barhiṣads ), Hariv.

yóga-kakṣā [ yogakakSA ]

f. = -paṭṭa, q. v., BhP.

yóga-kanyā [ yogakanyA ]

f. N. of the infant daughter of Yaśo-dā ( substituted as the child of Devakī for the infant Kṛṣṇa and therefore killed by Kaṃsa, but immediately raised to heaven as a beautiful girl ), Hariv.

yóga-kara [ yogakara ]

m. a partic. Samādhi, Kāraṇḍ.

yóga-karaṇḍaka [ yogakaraNDaka ]

m. N. of a minister of Brahma-datta, Kathās.

( ikā ), f. N. of a female religious mendicant, ib.

yóga-kalpa-druma [ yogakalpadruma ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-kalpa-latā [ yogakalpalatA ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-kuṇḍalinī [ yogakuNDalinI ]

f. N. of an Upaniṣad.

yóga-kuṇḍalyupaniṣad [ yogakuNDalyupaniSad ]

f. N. of an Upaniṣad.

yóga-kṣemá [ yogakSema ]

m. sg. and pl. ( in later language also m. du. and n. sg. ) the security or secure possession of what has been acquired, the keeping safe of property, welfare, prosperity, substance, livelihood, RV. etc. ( generally explained as a Dvaṃdva meaning ' acquisition and preservation of property ', cf. kṣema-yoga ; °maṃ-√ vah with dat. = to procure any one a livelihood, support, maintain, Śak. )

the charge for securing property ( from accidents ), insurance, Mn. vii, 127

property destined for pious uses and sacrifices, Gaut. xxviii, 46, Mn. ix, 219 ( others ' the means of securing protection, i.e. councillors, family priests and the like ' )

-kara, mfn. causing gain and security, causing protection of what is acquired, one who takes charge of property, MBh. R.

-vat, mfn. possessing property which is designed for pious purposes, L.

-vaha ( R. ), -samarpitṛ ( cf. MBh. ), mfn. offering or procuring sustenance or a livelihood.

yóga-gati [ yogagati ]

f. state of union, the being united together, BhP.

yóga-gāmin [ yogagAmin ]

mfn. going ( through the air ) by means of magical power, VP.

yóga-grantha [ yogagrantha ]

m. N. of two works.

yóga-cakṣus [ yogacakSus ]

mfn. ' contemplation-eyed ', one whose eye is meditation ( N. of Brahmā ), MārkP.

yóga-candra-ṭīkā [ yogacandraTIkA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-candrikā [ yogacandrikA ]

f. ( and °kā-vilāsa, m. ) N. of work.

yóga-cara [ yogacara ]

m. N. of Hanumat, L.

yóga-caryā [ yogacaryA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-cikitsā [ yogacikitsA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-cintāmaṇī [ yogacintAmaNI ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-cūḍāmaṇi [ yogacUDAmaNi ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-cūḍāmaṇyupaniṣad [ yogacUDAmaNyupaniSad ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-cūḍ´ôpaniṣad [ yogacUDopaniSad ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-cūrṇa [ yogacUrNa ]

n. magical powder, Daś. Mudr.

yóga-ja [ yogaja ]

mfn. produced by or arising from Yoga or meditation, Bhāṣāp.

n. agallochum, Bhpr.

yóga-jñāna [ yogajJAna ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-tattva [ yogatattva ]

n. the principle of Yoga, YogatUp.

N. of an Upaniṣad ( also °tvôpaniṣad f. )

-prakāśa, or °śaka, m. N. of work.

yóga-tantra [ yogatantra ]

n. a work treating of the Yoga philosophy, Hariv. BhP.

( with Buddhists ) N. of a class of writings.

yóga-taraṃga [ yogataraMga ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-taraṃgiṇī [ yogataraMgiNI ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-talpa [ yogatalpa ]

n. ' Yoga-couch ', = -nidrā, q. v., BhP.

yóga-tas [ yogatas ]

ind. conjointly, W.

suitably, properly, Mn.

conformably to, in accordance with, by means of, in consequence of ( comp. ), Ragh. Kathās.

with application of effort, with all one's powers, Mn. ii, 100

seasonably, in due season, W.

through devotion, by the power of magic etc., ib.

yóga-tārakā [ yogatArakA ]

( Sūryas. VarBṛS. ), f. the chief star in a Nakṣatra.

yóga-tārā [ yogatArA ]

( Sūryas. Col. ), f. the chief star in a Nakṣatra

°râvalī, f. N. of sev. works.

yóga-tva [ yogatva ]

n. the state of Yoga, Sarvad.

yóga-daṇḍa [ yogadaNDa ]

m. a magic wand, Siṃhâ`s.

yóga-darpaṇa [ yogadarpaNa ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-dāna [ yogadAna ]

n. gift of the Yoga, communicating the Yoga doctrine, W.

a fraudulent gift

-pratigraha, n. a fraudulent gift or acceptance, Mn. viii, 165.

yóga-dīpikā [ yogadIpikA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-dṛṣṭi-samuccaya-vyākhyā [ yogadRSTisamuccayavyAkhyA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-deva [ yogadeva ]

m. N. of a Jaina author, Sarvad.

yóga-dharmin [ yogadharmin ]

mfn. doing homage to the Yoga, MBh. Hariv. etc.

yóga-dhāraṇā [ yogadhAraNA ]

f. continuance or perseverance in meditation, Bhag. BhP.

yóga-nanda [ yogananda ]

m. the false Nanda, Kathās.

yóga-nātha [ yoganAtha ]

m. ' Yoga-lord ', N. of Śiva, Cat.

of Datta, BhP.

yóga-nāvika [ yoganAvika ]

m. a kind of fish, L.

yóga-nidrā [ yoganidrA ]

f. ' meditation-sleep ', a state of half meditation half sleep ( which admits of the full exercise of the mental powers ; it is peculiar to devotees ), light sleep, ( esp. ) the sleep of Viṣṇu at the end of a Yuga, Viṣṇu's Sleep personified as a goddess and said to be a form of Durgā, MBh. Ragh. etc.

( accord. to others ) the great sleep of Brahmā during the period between the annihilation and reproduction of the universe, MW.

yóga-nidrālu [ yoganidrAlu ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu, L.

yóga-nilaya [ yoganilaya ]

m. N. of Śiva, Śivag.

yóga-ṃ-dhara [ yogaMdhara ]

m. N. of a partic. magical formula recited over weapons, R. ( v. l. yaugaṃdh° )

N. of various men, Kathās. Buddh.

yóga-nyāsa [ yoganyAsa ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-paṭṭa [ yogapaTTa ]

( Hcat. PadmaP. ), m. the cloth thrown over the back and knees of a devotee during meditation.

yóga-paṭṭaka [ yogapaTTaka ]

( Hcar. PadmaP. ), m. the cloth thrown over the back and knees of a devotee during meditation.

yóga-pati [ yogapati ]

m. ' Yoga-lord ', N. of Viṣṇu, Pañcar.

yóga-patnī [ yogapatnI ]

f. ' wife of Yoga ', N. of Pīvarī ( also called yogā and yogamātṛ ), Hariv.

yóga-patha [ yogapatha ]

m. the road leading to Yoga, BhP.

yóga-pada [ yogapada ]

n. a state of self-concentration or meditation, DhyānabUp.

yóga-padaka [ yogapadaka ]

n. w. r. for -paṭṭaka, q. v., L.

yóga-paddhati [ yogapaddhati ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-pātañjala [ yogapAtaJjala ]

m. a follower of Patañjali as teacher of the Yoga doctrine, Madhus.

yóga-pādukā [ yogapAdukA ]

f. a magical shoe ( supposed to carry the wearer wherever he wishes ), Siṃhâ`s.

yóga-pāraṃ-ga [ yogapAraMga ]

m. ' conversant with Yoga ', N. of Śiva, Śivag.

yóga-pīṭha [ yogapITha ]

n. a partic. posture during religious meditation, Pañcar. KālP.

yóga-prakāra [ yogaprakAra ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-prakāśa-ṭīkā [ yogaprakAzaTIkA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-pradīpa [ yogapradIpa ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-pradīpikā [ yogapradIpikA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-praveśa-vidhi [ yogapravezavidhi ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-prâ`pta [ yogaprApta ]

mfn. obtained through abstract meditation, MW.

yóga-bala [ yogabala ]

n. the force of devotion, the power of magic, supernatural power, R. BrahmaP. Kathās.

yóga-bindu-ṭippaṇa [ yogabinduTippaNa ]

m. or n. ( ? ), N. of work.

yóga-bīja [ yogabIja ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-bhadrā [ yogabhadrA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-bhāraka [ yogabhAraka ]

m. a shoulder-yoke for carrying burdens, Hcar.

yóga-bhāvanā [ yogabhAvanA ]

f. ( in alg. ) composition of numbers by the sum of the products, Col.

yóga-bhāṣya [ yogabhASya ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-bhāskara [ yogabhAskara ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-bhraṣṭa [ yogabhraSTa ]

mfn. one who has fallen from the practice of Yoga or self-concentration, ĀpŚr. Comm.

yóga-mañjarī [ yogamaJjarI ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-maṇi-pradīpikā [ yogamaNipradIpikA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-maṇi-prabhā [ yogamaNiprabhA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-maya [ yogamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. resulting from self-concentration or Yoga, MBh. Pañcar. BhP.

m. N. of Viṣṇu, Pañcar.

-jñāna, n. knowledge derived from self-concentration or meditation, Hariv.

yóga-mahiman [ yogamahiman ]

m. N. of sev. works.

yóga-mātṛ [ yogamAtR ]

f. the mother of Yoga, MārkP.

N. of Pīvarī, Hariv.

yóga-māyā [ yogamAyA ]

f. magic, Kathās.

the Māyā or magical power of abstract meditation, BhP.

the power of God in the creation of the world personified as a deity

N. of Durgā, A.

yóga-mārga [ yogamArga ]

m. = -patha, q. v., Śiś. Bādar. Sch.

yóga-mārtaṇḍa [ yogamArtaNDa ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-mālā [ yogamAlA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-muktâvalī [ yogamuktAvalI ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-mūrtidhara [ yogamUrtidhara ]

m. pl. ' bearing the form of the Yoga ', N. of a class of deceased ancestors, MārkP.

yóga-yājñavalkya [ yogayAjJavalkya ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-yājñavalkya-gītā [ yogayAjJavalkyagItA ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-yājñavalkya-smṛti [ yogayAjJavalkyasmRti ]

f. N. of work.

yóga-yātrā [ yogayAtrA ]

f. the road or way to union with the Supreme Spirit, the way of profound meditation, Bhartṛ.

N. of an astrological work by Varāha-mihira

of another work.

yóga-yukta [ yogayukta ]

mfn. immersed in deep meditation, absorbed in Yoga, MBh. Pañcat. etc.

yóga-yukti [ yogayukti ]

f. the being absorbed in Yoga, KāśīKh.

yóga-yuj [ yogayuj ]

mfn. one who has given himself to Yoga, VP.

yóga-yogin [ yogayogin ]

mfn. = -yukta above, MBh.

yóga-raṅga [ yogaraGga ]

m. the orange tree, L.

yóga-ratna [ yogaratna ]

n. a magical jewel, Cat.

N. of work on med.

-mālā, f., -samuccaya, m. N. of works

°nâkara, m., °nâ`valī, f. N. of works.

yóga-ratha [ yogaratha ]

m. the Yoga as a vehicle, BhP.

yóga-rasâyana [ yogarasAyana ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-rahasya [ yogarahasya ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-rāja [ yogarAja ]

m. ' king of medicines ', N. of a partic. medicine preparation, Car. Bhpr. etc.

a king or master in the Yoga, Cat.

N. of various learned men and authors, Śrīkaṇṭh. etc.

-guggulu, m. a partic. medicine preparation, Bhpr.

°jôpaniṣad, f. N. of an Upaniṣad.

yóga-rūḍha [ yogarUDha ]

mfn. having a special as well as etymological and general meaning ( said of certain words, e. g. paṅka-ja means ' growing in mud ' and ' a lotus-flower ' ), Bhāshāp. Sch.

-tā f., KapS. Sch.

yóga-rūḍhi-vāda [ yogarUDhivAda ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-rūḍhivicāra [ yogarUDhivicAra ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-rocanā [ yogarocanA ]

f. N. of a kind of magical ointment ( making invisible or invulnerable ), Mṛcch.

yóga-rddhi-rūpa-vat [ yogarddhirUpavat ]

( yoga + ṛddhi-r° ), mfn. having the embodied form of the perfect Yoga, MBh.

yóga-vat [ yogavat ]

mfn. connected, united, joined, MārkP.

one who applies himself to contemplation or Yoga, Hariv.

yóga-varṇana [ yogavarNana ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-vartikā [ yogavartikA ]

f. a magical wick, Daś.

yóga-vaha [ yogavaha ]

mfn. ( ifc. ) bringing about, promoting, furthering, MBh.

yóga-vācaspatya [ yogavAcaspatya ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-vārttika [ yogavArttika ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-vāsiṣṭha [ yogavAsiSTha ]

n. N. of work ( also called Vāsiṣṭha-rāmāyaṇa, in the form of a dialogue between Vāsiṣṭha and his pupil Rāma, treating of the way of obtaining happiness, cf. IW. 368 )

-tātparya-prakāśa, m. -śāstra, n., -saṃkṣepa, m., -sāra, m., -sāra-candrikā, f., -sāra-vivṛti, f., -sāra-saṃgraha, m. N. of works.

yóga-vāsiṣṭhīya [ yogavAsiSThIya ]

mfn. relating to the Yoga-vāsiṣṭha, Cat.

yóga-vāha [ yogavAha ]

m. w. r. for a-y°, q. v., VPrāt.

( ī ), f. alkali, L.

honey, L.

quicksilver, L.

yóga-vāhaka [ yogavAhaka ]

mfn. resolving ( chemically ), L.

yóga-vāhin [ yogavAhin ]

mfn. receiving into or assimilating to one's self, Bhpr.

( perhaps ) contriving artifices, plotting ( °hi-tva, n. ), Rājat.

n. a menstruum or medium for mixing medicines, Suśr.

yóga-vikraya [ yogavikraya ]

m. a fraudulent sale, W.

yóga-vicāra [ yogavicAra ]

m. N. of a ch. of the Kāśī-khaṇḍa.

yóga-vid [ yogavid ]

mfn. knowing the right means or proper method, knowing what is fit or suitable, Hariv. R. etc.

conversant with the Yoga, MBh. BhP. etc.

m. N. of Śiva, Śivag.

a follower of the Yoga doctrines

a practiser of abstract meditation

a magician

a compounder of medicines, W.

yóga-vidyā [ yogavidyA ]

f. knowledge of the Yoga, the science of Yoga, Prasannar.

yóga-vibhāga [ yogavibhAga ]

m. the disuniting or separation of that which is usually combined, the separation of one grammatical rule into two, making two rules of what might be stated as one, Pāṇ. Sch.

yóga-viveka [ yogaviveka ]

m. ( and °ka-ṭippaṇa ) N. of a work.

yóga-viṣaya [ yogaviSaya ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-vṛtti-saṃgraha [ yogavRttisaMgraha ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-śata [ yogazata ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-śataka [ yogazataka ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-śataka-vyākhyāna [ yogazatakavyAkhyAna ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-śatakâ`khyāna [ yogazatakAkhyAna ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-śabda [ yogazabda ]

m. the word Yoga, Sarvad.

a word the meaning of which is plain from the etymology, Kāś.

yóga-śarīrin [ yogazarIrin ]

mfn. ( one ) whose body is Yoga, MBh.

yóga-śāyin [ yogazAyin ]

mfn. half asleep and half absorbed in meditation, Rājat.

yóga-śāstra [ yogazAstra ]

n. any work on the Yoga doctrine ( esp. that of Patañjali ), MBh. Yājñ. etc.

N. of sev. works

-pattra, n. pl., -sūtra-pāṭha, m. N. of works.

yóga-śikṣā [ yogazikSA ]

f. N. of work

°kṣ´ôpaniṣad, f. = next.

yóga-śikhā [ yogazikhA ]

f. N. of an Upaniṣad.

yóga-śikh´ôpaniṣad [ yogazikhopaniSad ]

f. N. of an Upaniṣad.

yóga-saṃsiddhi [ yogasaMsiddhi ]

f. perfection in Yoga, Bhag.

yóga-saṃgraha [ yogasaMgraha ]

m. N. of sev. works.

yóga-samādhi [ yogasamAdhi ]

m. absorption of the mind in profound meditation peculiar to the Yoga system, Ragh.

yóga-sāgara [ yogasAgara ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-sādhana [ yogasAdhana ]

n. N. of work.

yóga-sāra [ yogasAra ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a universal remedy, GāruḍaP. Bhpr.

N. of sev. works

-tantra, n., -saṃgraha, m., -samuccaya, m. N. of works

°râ`vali, f., °râ`valī, f. N. of works.

yóga-siddha [ yogasiddha ]

mfn. perfected by means of Yoga, BhP. Col.

m. N. of an author, Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of a sister of Bṛhas-pati, VP.

°dhântacandrikā, f., °ta-paddhati, f. N. of works.

yóga-siddhi [ yogasiddhi ]

f. simultaneous accomplishment, Jaim.

-prakriyā, f. N. of work

-mat, mfn. experienced in the art of magic, Kathās.

yóga-sudhâkara [ yogasudhAkara ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-sudhānidhi [ yogasudhAnidhi ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-sūtra [ yogasUtra ]

n. the aphorisms of the Yoga system of philosophy ascribed to Patañjali

-gūḍhârtha-dyotikā, f., -candrikā, f., -bhāṣya, n., -vṛtti, f., -vyākhyāna, n., °rârtha-candrikā, f. N. of works. relating to the Yoga-sūtra.

yóga-sevā [ yogasevA ]

f. the practice or cultivation of religious abstraction, Bhag. YogatUp.

yóga-stha [ yogastha ]

mfn. absorbed in Yoga, Bhag.

yóga-svarôdaya [ yogasvarodaya ]

m. N. of work.

yóga-svāmin [ yogasvAmin ]

m. a master in the Yoga, Hcat.

yóga-hṛdaya [ yogahRdaya ]

n. N. of work.

Yogâkṣara-nighaṇṭu [ yogAkSaranighaNTu ]

m. N. of work.

yogâ`khyāna [ yogAkhyAna ]

n. N. of work.

yogâgni-maya [ yogAgnimaya ]

mfn. filled with the fire of the Yoga, attained through the ardour of devotion, ŚvetUp.

yogâṅga [ yogAGga ]

n. a constituent or part of the Yoga, means of attaining it ( generally said to be 8 in number, viz. yama, niyama, āsana, prâ`ṇâyāma, pratyāhāra, dhāraṇā, dhyāna, and samādhi, or according to another authority 6, viz. āsana, prâ`ṇasaṃrodha, with the last four as enumerated above ), Yogas. Sarvad.

yogâ`cāra [ yogacAra ]

m. the observance of the Yoga, Cat.

a partic. Samādhi, Kāraṇḍ.

N. of work

= yogin, q. v., L.

a follower of a partic. Buddhist sect or school

pl. the disciples of that school, Buddh. etc.

-bhūmi-śāstra, n. ( for yogâ`cārya-bh° ) N. of work.

yogâ`cārya [ yogAcArya ]

m. a teacher of the Yoga system of philosophy, MBh. Hariv. BhP.

a teacher of the art of magic ( also said to be a teacher of the art of thieving ), Mṛcch.

w.r. for yogâ`cāra above.

yogâñjana [ yogAJjana ]

n. a healing ointment, Suśr.

the Yoga as a healing ointment, Prab.

N. of work.

yogâ`tman [ yogAtman ]

mfn. ( one ) whose soul or essence is Yoga or who fixes his mind on Yoga, MBh.

yogâ`dhamana-vikrīta [ yogAdhamanavikrIta ]

n. a fraudulent pledge or sale, Mn. viii, 165.

yogâdhikāra [ yogAdhikAra ]

m. N. of work.

yogâ`nanda [ yogAnanda ]

m. ' delight of the Yoga ', N. of two authors, Cat.

w.r. for yoga-nanda, Vās., Introd.

-prahasana, n. N. of work.

yogânugatā [ yogAnugatA ]

f. N. of a Kiṃ-nara maid, Kāraṇḍ.

yogânuśāsana [ yogAnuzAsana ]

n. ' Yoga-instruction ', the doctrine of the Yoga by Patañjali, Madhus.

N. of two works

-sūtra, n., °tra-vṛtti, f. N. of works.

yogânta [ yogAnta ]

( in comp. ) f. ( scil. gati ) N. of the 7 divisions into which ( accord. to Parāśara ) the orbit of Mercury is divided, VarBṛS.

yogântikā [ yogAntikA ]

f. ( scil. gati ) N. of the 7 divisions into which ( accord. to Parāśara ) the orbit of Mercury is divided, VarBṛS.

yogâ`patti [ yogApatti ]

f. modification of usage or application, ĀśvŚr.

yogâbhyāsa-krama [ yogAbhyAsakrama ]

m. N. of work.

yogâbhyāsa-prakaraṇa [ yogAbhyAsaprakaraNa ]

n. N. of work.

yogâbhyāsa-lakṣaṇa [ yogAbhyAsalakSaNa ]

n. N. of work.

yogâmṛta [ yogAmRta ]

n. N. of work.

yogâmṛta-taraṃgiṇī [ yogAmRtataraMgiNI ]

f. N. of work.

yogâmbara [ yogAmbara ]

m. N. of a Buddhist deity, W.

yogâyoga [ yogAyoga ]

m. pl. a proper quantity, Suśr. ( v. l. )

du. suitableness and unsuitableness, Kāvyâ`d.

yogāraṅga [ yogAraGga ]

m. = yoga-raṅga, q. v., L.

yogâ`rūḍha [ yogArUDha ]

mfn. absorbed in profound or abstract meditation, NṛsUp.

yogârṇava [ yogArNava ]

m. N. of work.

yogâ`vali [ yogAvali ]

f. N. of work.

yogâvalī [ yogAvalI ]

f. N. of work.

yogâvalī-jātaka [ yogAvalIjAtaka ]

n. N. of work.

yogâvalī-tantre-kula-dīpinī [ yogAvalItantrekuladIpinI ]

f. N. of work.

yogâvāpa [ yogAvApa ]

m. the first attitude of an archer, L.

yogâ`sana [ yogAsana ]

n. a mode of sitting suited to profound meditation or similar to that of the Yoga, AmṛtUp. Bhaṭṭ. etc.

-lakṣaṇa, n. pl. N. of work.

yogêndra [ yogendra ]

m. a master or adept in the Yoga, W.

yogê`śa [ yogeza ]

m. id. [ a master or adept in the Yoga ], BhP.

N. of Yājñavalkya, L.

of Śiva, W.

of the city of Brahmā, L.

°śârṇava, m., °śī-sahasra-nāma-stotra, n. N. of works.

yogê`śvara [ yogezvara ]

m. a master in magical art ( said of a Vetāla ), Kathās.

a master or adept in the Yoga, MBh. Hariv. Pañcat. etc.

a deity, the object of devout contemplation, W.

N. of Kṛṣṇa, MW.

of Yājñavalkya, Cat.

of a son of Deva-hotra, BhP.

of a Brahma-rākṣasa, Kathās.

of various authors and learned men, Cat. etc.

of work

( ī ), f. a fairy, Rājat. Kathās.

a mistress or adept in the Yoga, Kathās.

a form of Durgā, Hcat.

a species of plant, Bhpr.

N. of a goddess, Cat.

of a Vidyā-dharī, Kathās.

-tīrtha, n. N. of a Tīrtha, Cat.

-tva, n. mastery of the Yoga, MBh. BhP.

-paddhati, f., -mantra, m. N. of works.

yogêṣṭa [ yogeSTa ]

n. tin, L.

lead, L.

yogaî`śvarya [ yogaizvarya ]

n. mastery of the Yoga, BhP.

yogôdvahana [ yogodvahana ]

n. support ( with food and clothes ), Divyâv.

yogôpadeśa [ yogopadeza ]

m. N. of work.

yogôpaniṣad [ yogopaniSad ]

f. N. of work.