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 yóni [ yoni ]

m.f. ( in RV. only m.; f. sometimes also yonī ; fr. √ 2. yu ) the womb, uterus, vulva, vagina, female organs of generation, RV. etc. ( together with the liṅga, a typical symbol of the divine procreative energy, RTL. 224 )

place of birth, source, origin, spring, fountain ( ifc. = sprung or produced from ) ib.

place of rest, repository, receptacle, seat, abode, home, lair, nest, stable, RV. AV. ŚBr.

family, race, stock, caste, the form of existence or station fixed by birth ( e.g. that of a man, Brāhman, animal etc. ; ifc. = belonging to the caste of ), Mn. MBh. etc.

seed, grain ( cf. yonī-poṣaṇa )

a partic. part of a fire-pit, Hcat.

a mine, L.

copper, L.

water, Naigh.

the regent of the Nakshatra Pūrvaphalgunī, VarBṛS.

N. of the sound e, Up.

of a partic. verse or formula, KātyŚr.

( ī ), f. N. of a river in Śālmala-dvīpa, VP.

yóni-kuṇḍa [ yonikuNDa ]

n. N. of a partic. mystical diagram cf. Cat.

yóni-gāna [ yonigAna ]

n. N. of the first part of the Sāma- saṃhitā cf. Nyāyam. cf. Sch.

yóni-guṇa [ yoniguNa ]

m. the property of a womb, quality of a place of origin cf. MW.

yóni-grantha [ yonigrantha ]

m. = -gāna cf. Nyāyam. cf. Sch.

yóni-cikitsā [ yonicikitsA ]

f. N. of wk.

yóni-ja [ yonija ]

mfn. produced from the womb, viviparous cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

yóni-tantra [ yonitantra ]

n. N. of wk.

yóni-tás [ yonitas ]

ind. out of a place of rest or stable cf. MaitrS.

yóni-tva [ yonitva ]

n. the being an origin or source cf. NṛsUp. cf. Kum

( ifc. ) the arising from or being based on cf. Suśr. cf. Sarvad

yóni-duṣṭā [ yoniduSTA ]

f. pl. sexually defiled ( said of women ) cf. Hariv.

yóni-devatā [ yonidevatA ]

f. N. of the Nakshatra Pūrva-phalgunī cf. L.

yóni-deśa [ yonideza ]

m. the region of the womb or the generative organs cf. MW.

yóni-doṣa [ yonidoSa ]

m. sexual defilement cf. Hariv.

a defect of the female organ

-cikitsā f. N. of wk.

yóni-dvāra [ yonidvAra ]

n. the orifice of the womb cf. Suśr.

N. of a sacred bathing-place cf. MBh.

yóni-nāsā [ yoninAsA ]

f. the upper part of the female organ cf. W.

yóni-niraya [ yoniniraya ]

m. the womb compared to a hell cf. Hcat

yóni-poṣaṇa [ yonipoSaNa ]

n. the growing of seed or grain cf. Viṣṇ

yóni-bhraṃśa [ yonibhraMza ]

m. fall of the womb, prolapsus uteri cf. Suśr.

yóni-mat [ yonimat ]

( yóni- ), mfn. connected with the womb cf. TBr. cf. Kāṭh

sprung from a womb cf. MaitrS.

descended from a good race cf. Hcat

yóni-mantra [ yonimantra ]

m. the text cf. VS. viii, 29 cf. Hcat

yóni-mukta [ yonimukta ]

mfn. released from birth or from being born again cf. ŚvetUp.

yóni-mukha [ yonimukha ]

n. the orifice of the womb cf. Suśr.

yóni-mudrā [ yonimudrA ]

f. N. of a partic. position of the fingers cf. L.

yóni-rañjana [ yoniraJjana ]

n. the menstrual excretion cf. W.

yóni-roga [ yoniroga ]

m. disease of the female organs of generation cf. Suśr.

yóni-liṅga [ yoniliGga ]

n. the clitoris cf. L.

yóni-vyāpad [ yonivyApad ]

f. N. of wk.

yóni-śas [ yonizas ]

ind. fundamentally, thoroughly cf. Lalit.

wisely cf. Divyâv

yóni-śāstra [ yonizAstra ]

n. N. of a class of wks. cf. VP.

yóni-saṃvaraṇa [ yonisaMvaraNa ]

n. ( cf. Bhpr. ),

yóni-saṃvṛti [ yonisaMvRti ]

f. ( cf. W. ) contraction of the vagina

yóni-saṃkaṭa [ yonisaMkaTa ]

n. ' passage through the womb ', re- birth cf. MBh.

yóni-saṃkara [ yonisaMkara ]

m. ' confusion of births ', mixture of caste by unlawful marriage, misalliance cf. Mn. cf. R.

yóni-sambandha [ yonisambandha ]

m. a blood-relation cf. Āpast

yóni-sambhava [ yonisambhava ]

mfn. = -ja cf. Cat.

yóni-ha [ yoniha ]

mfn. injuring the womb cf. MantraBr.

yony-arśas [ yonyarzas ]

n. a fleshy excrescence in the female organ ( = kanda ) cf. L.