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 yukta [ yukta ]

yukti etc. See cols. 2, 3

yuktá [ yukta ]

mfn. yoked or joined or fastened or attached or harnessed to ( loc. or instr. ) cf. RV. etc.

set to work, made use of, employed, occupied with, engaged in , intent upon ( instr., loc. or comp. ) cf. ib.

ready to, prepared for ( dat. ) cf. MBh.

absorbed in abstract meditation, concentrated, attentive cf. RV. etc.

skilful, clever, experienced in, familiar with ( loc. ) cf. MBh. cf. R.

joined, united, connected, combined, following in regular succession cf. RV. cf. ŚāṅkhŚr. cf. Var. cf. BhP. ( ám ind. in troops cf. ŚBr. )

furnished or endowed or filled or supplied or provided with, accompanied by, possessed of ( instr. or comp. ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

come in contact with ( instr. ) cf. R.

( in astron. ) being in conjunction with ( instr. ) cf. ĀśvGṛ.

( ifc. ) added to, increased by ( e.g. catur-yuktā viṃśatiḥ , twenty increased by four, i.e. 24 ) cf. VarBṛS.

( ifc. ) connected with, concerning cf. KātyŚr.

( ifc. ) subject to, dependent on cf. MBh.

fitted, adapted, conforming or adapting one's self to, making use of ( instr., e.g. yuktaḥ kālena yaḥ, one who makes use of the right opportunity ) cf. Kām

fit, suitable, appropriate, proper, right, established, proved, just, due, becoming to or suitable for ( gen., loc. or comp., e.g. āyati-yukta, suitable for the future

or ibc., below

yuktam with yad or an inf. = it is fit or suitable that or to

na yuktam bhavatā, it is not seemly for you ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

auspicious, favourable ( as fate, time etc. ) cf. Mn. cf. R.

prosperous, thriving cf. R.

( with tathā ) faring or acting thus cf. MBh.

( in gram. ) primitive ( as opp. to ' derivative ' ) cf. Pāṇ. 1-2 , 51

m. N. of a son of Manu Raivata cf. Hariv.

of a Ṛṣi under Manu Bhautya cf. ib.

( ā ), f. N. of a plant cf. L. ( cf. yukta-rasā )

n. a team, yoke cf. ŚBr.

junction, connection cf. Pāṇ. 2-3, 4 ; 8 etc.

fitness, suitableness, propriety ( am ind. fitly, suitably , justly, properly, rightly

éna, properly, suitably cf. RV. v, 27, 3

buddhi-yuktena, conformably to reason cf. Rājat. )

yuktá-karman [ yuktakarman ]

mfn. invested with any office or function cf. MW.

serving the purpose, suitable, appropriate ( °ma-tā f. ) cf. Bhpr.

yuktá-kārin [ yuktakArin ]

( cf. Kām. ),

yuktá-kṛt [ yuktakRt ]

( cf. BhP. ), mfn. acting properly or suitably

yuktá-grāvan [ yuktagrAvan ]

( yuktá- ), mfn. having set the stones ( for bruising the Soma ) in motion cf. RV.

yuktá-ceṣṭa [ yuktaceSTa ]

mfn. behaving properly cf. Bhag.

yuktá-tama [ yuktatama ]

mfn. most fit or intent upon, devoted to cf. BhP.

yuktá-tara [ yuktatara ]

mfn. more fit etc. ( also °raka, L )

very much on one's guard against any one ( loc. ), Mn : vii, 186

yuktá-tva [ yuktatva ]

n. application, employment cf. KātyŚr.

fitness, propriety ( a-y° ) cf. Vedântas

yuktá-daṇḍa [ yuktadaNDa ]

mfn. applying punishment, punishing justly cf. R. cf. Kām

-tā f. cf. R.

yuktá-mada [ yuktamada ]

mfn. intoxicated cf. Mālav

yuktá-manas [ yuktamanas ]

( yuktá- ), mfn. fixing the mind, ready-minded, attentive cf. ŚBr.

yuktá-māṃsala [ yuktamAMsala ]

mfn. properly stout or fleshy cf. VarBṛS.

yuktá-yoga [ yuktayoga ]

m. ( in astrol. ) being in conjunction cf. Laghuk

yuktá-ratha [ yuktaratha ]

m. N. of a partic. kind of purging enema cf. Suśr.

n. a sort of elixir cf. ib.

yuktá-rasā [ yuktarasA ]

and f. a kind of plant cf. L.

yuktá-rāsnā [ yuktarAsnA ]

f. a kind of plant cf. L.

yuktá-rūpa [ yuktarUpa ]

mfn. suitably formed, fit, proper ( with loc. or gen. ) cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. Kāv

( am ), ind. suitably cf. MBh.

yuktá-rūpaka [ yuktarUpaka ]

n. an appropriate metaphor cf. Kāvyâd

yuktá-vat [ yuktavat ]

( yuktá- ), mfn. containing a form of √ 1. yuj cf. ŚBr.

yuktá-vādin [ yuktavAdin ]

mfn. speaking properly or suitably cf. Veṇis

yuktá-śītôṣṇa [ yuktazItoSNa ]

mfn. of moderate cold and heat cf. R.

yuktá-sena [ yuktasena ]

mfn. one whose army is ready ( for marching ) cf. Suśr.

°nīya mfn. relating to him cf. ib.

yuktá-svapnâvabodha [ yuktasvapnAvabodha ]

mfn. moderate in sleeping and waking cf. Bhag.

yuktâtman [ yuktAtman ]

mfn. concentrated in mind cf. Bhag.

( ifc. ) wholly intent upon cf. Pañcat

yuktâyas [ yuktAyas ]

n. ' bound with iron ', a sort of spade or shovel cf. W.

yuktâyukta [ yuktAyukta ]

n. the proper and improper, right and wrong cf. MW.

yuktârohin [ yuktArohin ]

mfn. cf. Pāṇ. 6-2, 81

yuktârtha [ yuktArtha ]

mfn. having a meaning, sensible, significant, rational cf. R.

yuktâ'śva [ yuktAzva ]

mfn. having ( or ' brought by ' ) yoked horses ( as wealth ) cf. RV. v, 41, 5

yuktâhāra-vihāra [ yuktAhAravihAra ]

mfn. moderate in diet and pleasure cf. Bhag.