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śālmali [ zAlmali ]

mf. ( or °lī, f. cf. śalmalí ) the Seemul or silk-cotton tree, Bombax Heptaphyllum or Salmalia Malabarica ( a lofty and thorny tree with red flowers

its thorns are supposed to be used for torture in one of the hells [ cf. kūta-ś° ], or it may stand for the N. of that hell ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

one of the 7 Dvīpas or great divisions of the known continent ( so called from the above tree said to grow there

it is surrounded by the sea of ghee or clarified butter ) cf. MBh. cf. Pur.

patr. of a man ( f. °lyā ), g. krauḍyādi

N. of a son of Avikshit cf. MBh.

of another man descended from Agasti cf. Hcat

( ī ), f. below

śālmali-dvīpa [ zAlmalidvIpa ]

m. the Śālmali-dvīpa ( above )

śālmali-pattraka [ zAlmalipattraka ]

m. Alstonia Scholaris cf. L.

śālmali-stha [ zAlmalistha ]

m. ' abiding in the Śālmali ', a vulture cf. L.

N. of Garuḍa cf. ib.