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śulká [ zulka ]

m. n. ( ifc. f. ā ) price, value, purchase- money cf. RV.

the prize of a contest cf. MBh.

toil, tax, duty, customs ( esp. money levied at ferries, passes, and roads ) cf. Gaut. cf. Āpast. cf. Mn. etc.

nuptial gift ( orig. a price given to parents for the purchase of a bride, but in later times bestowed on the wife as her own property together with the profits of household labour, domestic utensils, ornaments etc. ), dower, dowry, marriage settlement cf. Gaut. cf. Viṣṇ. cf. Mn. etc. ( cf. IW. 267 )

wages of prostitution cf. Kathās. cf. MārkP.

w.r. for śukra and śukla cf. MBh.

śulká-khaṇḍana [ zulkakhaNDana ]

n. defrauding the revenue cf. MW.

śulká-grāhaka [ zulkagrAhaka ]

or mfn. receiving a toll or duty cf. ib.

śulká-grāhin [ zulkagrAhin ]

mfn. receiving a toll or duty cf. ib.

śulká-tva [ zulkatva ]

n. the being a nuptial gift or dowry ( cf. above ), Dhāyabh

śulká-da [ zulkada ]

m. the giver of a nuptial present, an affianced suitor cf. Mn. cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh.

śulká-moṣaṇa [ zulkamoSaNa ]

n. stealing or defrauding the revenue cf. Kull. on cf. Mn. viii, 400

śulká-śālā [ zulkazAlA ]

f. a custom-house cf. Pāṇ. 4-3, 75, Sch., ( cf. śaulkaśālika )

śulká-saṃjña [ zulkasaMjJa ]

mfn. having ( merely ) the name of a nuptial gratuity cf. MW.

śulká-sthāna [ zulkasthAna ]

n. a toll-house, tax-office, custom house cf. Mn. cf. Yājñ.

any object of taxation or duty cf. W.

śulká-hāni [ zulkahAni ]

f. loss or forfeiture of wages or dower etc. cf. W.

śulkâdhyakṣa [ zulkAdhyakSa ]

m. a superintendent of tolls or taxes or revenue cf. L.

śulkâbhidhāna [ zulkAbhidhAna ]

mfn. = śulka-saṃjña cf. MW.

śulkâvâpta [ zulkAvApta ]

mfn. obtained as a dowry cf. MBh.

śulkôpajīvin [ zulkopajIvin ]

mfn. living by tolls or taxes or revenue cf. ib.